Depression is a major depressive disorder characterized by getting feelings of absolute desperation over a long period. Depression affects almost all aspects of one’s life, ranging from relationships, studies to professional life. However, this condition is treatable and manageable. In this article, we will explore how to treat depression with medical marijuana.

Treatment of depression has evolved a long way from old school methods like physiotherapy and medical antidepressants prescriptions. However, these methods have proven to be less effective in recent years with the world realizing a drastic increase in cases of depression, especially among the youth.

Depression can arise from a variety of causes, from biological, physiological to social factors. With the invention of medical marijuana, thousands of Canadians have turned to this drug as their savior. Actually, the use of medical marijuana for depression in Canada has tripled in just one year.

The Science behind Medical Marijuana as an Anti-depressant

A lot of research on medical purposes of marijuana has been conducted, but there still exists room for more. A study by Cambridge University in 2007 concluded that marijuana had mood modulating properties which serves as anti-depressants.

Cannabinoid compound was found to increase the levels of hormone serotonin in laboratory rats. Seratonin is responsible for mood control in most organisms, humans included.  Most Pharmaceuticals have compounds that boost the levels of this hormone in them.

CBD also activates the CB1 receptors in the brain which are responsible for excitement and antidepressant effects. This makes medical marijuana one of the best anti-depressants available in Canada.

Unlike other pharmaceutical marijuana, marijuana has no known side effects to the patients. You don’t have to worry about addiction and post-use depression.

Apart from depression, CBD also treats anxiety which is a major cause of depression. This was proven by a research conducted by a group of Canadian doctors. The body produces its own THC which is responsible for the rise of anxiety levels, a factor countered by CBD.

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How Can Medical Cannabis help treat depression?

The pharmaceutical antidepressants take considerable time before its effects become visible and realistic. At least one in three people under the prescription of antidepressant drugs are unable to find relief after use. This can be very disappointing especially to the victims of depressions and can lead to drug abuse.

As we have seen, marijuana contains two main compounds, the tetrahydrocannabinoid or THC and the cannabidiol usually abbreviated as CBD. THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects of the drug while CBD has numerous medicinal properties. Both of these compounds are included in the medical marijuana specifically for anti-depression.

The levels of THC are however, minimal in medical marijuana unlike in recreational marijuana. Depression patients are advised to be keen when selecting the right strain and medication for themselves.

Doctors have praised medical cannabis as effective and compatible with various brain receptors which activates a good mood.

How do I get Medical Marijuana in Canada?

Yes, it is important to get medical consultations and assessment before settling on using a particular type of medical marijuana strain. Fortunately, Mediscrippter, medical canna online prescriptions, can help you get your prescription easily. This site offers you all your medical marijuana consultations services at the comfort of your home through a video call.

This step is very vital as there are dozens of other disorders which are treated by medical marijuana and therefore, different drugs have been created for specific disorders. A medical practitioner will take you through different disorders and different medical strains after which they will prescribe the right medication for your depression.

It is important to note that there are different types of depressions; a common example is a postpartum depression which is a severe form of depression. Therefore, different medication methods are used depending on the level and type of depression one is suffering from. Professional help will prove very helpful in this situation.

Bottom line

In conclusion, medical marijuana was one of the main reasons why Canada legalized marijuana in all her states. It is very crucial if the patients suffering from depression take this opportunity to treat their ailments.

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