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Oil Vaporizer or Dry Herb Vape: What’s better for you?


Recently, vapes have become popular due to their small and portable nature and the fact that they are safe for outdoor activities. In addition, they have been known to reduce lung damage and also minimize signs of aging.

Well, when it comes to oil and dry vapes they both serve the same purpose but in actual sense, they are contrasting rivals, more of substitutes. An Oil vaporizer is used to vaporize concentrates while a dry herb vaporizer is used to vaporize dry cannabis flowers. We recommend you to try Koi CBD cbd gummies for sale.

What is the difference between dry herbs and concentrate vaporizers?

To fully understand the excellence of each, let us look at them separately:

Dry Herb vape

Vapor Quality

If your aim is to get herbal medication given in amazingly potent and pure vapor, this is the kind of vape for you. It has no residual concentrates hence safe for your health.

Ease of use

They are generally light and sleek plus the temperature controls are quite user-friendly.


The Terpenes flavor extract, which is originally found in cannabis, is retained even after combustion. Therefore you are able to taste the flavor, and especially of the buds.


Its high is limited to the amount of herb you use. It gives active ingredients to your body without actually getting to burn them. What’s more is that it greatly minimizes cancer risk.


Whereas old herbs can spoil the taste of vapors, it is recommended that you should clean it once a week.


The one that uses a battery can be handheld and is quite portable but the other one that is desktop-like and has to be connected to a power outlet.

Temperature Flexibility

The temperature control function allows you to choose at which temperature you want the herb heated in order to strain the herb.

Oil Vapes

Vapor Quality

Smooth vapor is guaranteed without burning the cannabis. When terpenes are added, it not only gives you a sensational flavor but helps the cannabinoids infuse better with your system giving you a soothing experience.

Ease of use

Where other vapes require nail setup and self-loading, these oil vapors are discrete and convenient. Dabbing, therefore, becomes as easy as ABC and you can literally dab on your way to work.


When extracted, some concentrates lose their natural flavors and aroma.


It gives a powerful effect and is equally recommended for medicinal pain relief.


Cleaning the oil vaporizer may prove to be a little difficult than the herb one due to the sticky residue that remains in the heating chamber. However, most vaporizers come with a cleaning manual and some materials to help you clean it effectively.


Oil vapes are so sleek in a way that they are distraction-free. Noticeable odor or carrying around raw cannabis should be the least of your problems.

Temperature Flexibility

It gives you a variety of about three to four temperatures to choose from.  A smoother vapor is given by a lower temperature.

Are oil cartridges better than dry herbs?

Despite manufactures coming up with modified types of each, I’ll go with the oil vape.

On average, a dry herb is about 10-25% THC whereas the oil cartridges hold about 60-80%. From this statistics, we could deduce that a concentrate will give you a greater high than a dry herb vape. KoiCBD.com CBD vape pen is a really great product and you can try it.

In addition, oil cartridges are very easy to use, sleeker, vaporize concentrates faster, and are very effective.

Dry herb vaporizers

The market gives you a variety to choose from. Pax 3 vaporizer and G pen Pro are unique, discrete and highly specialized dry herb vaporizes. Pretty good for everyday vaping.

Oil vaporizers

If you are looking for some good oil vaporizers, try Pax era and G pen Gio. They not only give you maximum vapor density but also give you a complete value for your money

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