Over the past few years more and more research has been done on the effects and benefits of cannabis oil. While there are thousands of different cannabis oil companies out there, Lowell Farms is one of the most trusted when it comes to creating and distributing natural, organic, and potent cannabis oil for use in electronic cigarettes and other vape products.


What is Organic Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil can be made with a wide range of different types of cannabis and can also be mixed with different solvents to help with the extraction process. Organic cannabis oil is made with no solvents and is also made from cannabis that is grown with no pesticides, no harmful chemicals, and is also sustainably grown. Organic cannabis oil is oil that has been minimally processed and that does not have a great deal of additives and other chemicals that can affect the overall chemical makeup of the cannabis oil and the effectiveness.


Why Choose Organic Cannabis Oil?

There are a few different reasons to look for the organic stamp on your cannabis and hemp oils. The first is that cannabis is a bioremediator, this means that it naturally draws compounds from the soil that it is grown in. It is important that the cannabis is grown in clean soil that is free of toxins, chemicals and harsh metals and compounds that can negatively affect the genetic makeup of your cannabis and the quality of the oil after it is made.

The cold pressed cannabis oil that is made by Lowell Farms is grown in organic soil and then minimally processed to give users the closest experience to smoking the buds of the cannabis plant as possible with a vape. This oil is cold pressed to help preserve the cannabis and to help create clear, clean, and potent cannabis oil that can then be used with your vape pens and e cigarettes. By cold pressing the cannabis oil the final product is clearer, it is cleaner and it has more of the great benefits that you expect from your cannabis oil.

The First Ever Legal Cannabis Café in the United States

Lowell Farms is proud to be the proprietor of the first ever legal cannabis café in the country. The Lowell Café is located in Hollywood California and is entirely legal. Since the state of California legalized marijuana on a state level the Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Café is a venture that allows patrons to enjoy and experience premium quality cannabis products in a safe and welcoming environment.

Reservations for the first 30 days of operation sold out in minutes and the café is poised and ready to open on September 24th, 2019. The café is actually two different establishments under the same roof and the same operating name, a cannabis retail establishment and a restaurant. The café sells food and does allow customers to smoke cannabis and vape cannabis oil on the premises while they eat. Customers of the restaurant only will be able eat in the dining room while the patrons in the area where the cannabis is to be consumed can order food from the kitchen then eat it in the lounge and smoking area.

With the right cannabis oil that is safe and organic, anyone can have a fantastic time vaping or using other cannabis products. Cannabis has the ability to help relieve stress, to help relieve pain, and to help treat anxiety as well and can also make for a very enjoyable time. Lowell Farms is dedicated to providing customers and patrons the best experience and products possible to make their cannabis experience top notch.


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