Portable or Desktop Vaporizer?



So, you narrowed things down. You got it covered. You have decided to vaporize cannabis, e-liquids or essential and waxy oils. It would be great to say that it doesn’t really matter what you decided to vaporize, but in the case of purchasing your first vaporizer, it really does matter. If you are more into vaporizing dry herbs, you will have to buy a vaporizer that supports vaporizing herbs. The same goes for e-liquids, e-juices, essential and waxy oils. However, there are vaporizers out there that make sure you can vaporize pretty much any type of blend.

If you have decided to purchase a portable vaporizer, you are probably constantly on the go. You don’t necessarily have to be a travel salesman in order to justify a purchase of this device. People generally like walking around town and not having to worry about rolling a joint in the broad daylight and just enjoying their vapor as their walking along. We found it particularly useful during long bus rides when you don’t even have time to smoke a joint let alone roll it. A portable vaporizer will also be useful if you’re a multitasker and like to vaporize between different tasks, due to its extremely fast heat up time. In that case, do get a portable vaporizer with an auto shut off safety switch. 

However, portable vaporizers have their obvious downsides. They provide lower quality of vapor, tend to get heated easily and the coolness of vapor can suffer for it. Plus, in some of the cheaper portable vaporizer, there is a slight chance of burning your materials. With desktop vaporizers, their quality really develops on the depth of your pocket, which is why you need a desktop vaporizer that boasts a great price to quality ratio. In case you are looking into a desktop vaporizer, you obviously need a primary unit that will satisfy your vaporizing needs in the privacy of your own home. 

With a desktop vaporizer, you get more parts to maintain, a robust and more expensive unit that can be a drag to clean and maintain. However, on the plus side, any portable vaporizer can hardly top the quality of vapor. The heat up time with desktop vaporizers usually goes over a minute but those drags will make you forget all about the wait. Plus, on desktop vaporizer, you can precisely adjust your desired temperature. Desktop vaporizers are usually cheaper than portable vaporizers so if you are a newbie vaporizing connoisseur, it would be best to start with a desktop vaporizer and then move onto a portable vaporizer. The former runs at $60, while the latter can be found between $150 and $300.

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