Are you torn between the Arizer Air 2 and the Arizer Argo? If your answer is yes, we can’t blame you!

These two portable vaporizers are both powerful and offer a lot of features that are very difficult to say “No” to. It is extremely difficult which one is the best. But no worries! Because we compared the features and benefits of having these vaporizers so if you’re ready for this ultimate face off, then keep reading!


What Are Their Similarities?

The Arizer Air 2 and the Argo are siblings. They came from the same manufacturer that is committed to delivering wonderful vaporizers and they don’t fail to give the best devices to their customers. The Arizer 2 and the Argo are just two of these devices. The older one is the Arizer 2 and it already has a lot of reviews from users, unlike the newer Argo vaporizer.

These siblings perform equally great. They have temperature control, the same heating element and designs are both going to turn your heads.


Which one has a better quality?

One of the most important things that you have to know when you are buying a vaporizer is the vapor quality itself. While both of the devices will give you good vapor, there are differences that you also need to know. The Air 2’s chamber has a slightly bigger capacity compared to Argo. The first one can handle 0.2 grams of dry herb while the latter can hold around 0.15 grams.

Because of the Arizer Air 2’s higher capacity, you will be able to have longer vaping sessions. Aside from this, it has a long vape stem. A lot of people might not think that this feature will give them any benefit. But in fact, it will allow your vapor to cool down a little bit before it enters your mouth. If you compare the vapor quality of these two devices, they will give you great quality. Arizer Air 2 might just have a slight advantage in this area because of its structure that provides a smoother vapor and bigger chamber capacity.

Another area that we have to look at is the durability of the device. This is very important for those who want to invest their money on a good vaporizer. Arizer is a great company and they have always proved it with their previous vaporizers. Air 2 and the Argo are no different from all of Arizer’s previous products. If there is a brand that you should trust when it comes to durability, it has to be Arizer. But while both the Air 2 and the Argo are durable, Air 2 has a bit more advantage and because it doesn’t heat up easily compared to Argo.


Which one is easier to use?

Both the Air 2 and Argo are simple to use. You can load your dry herb using glass stems in both models and they are also very easy to clean. This allows you to taste various flavors in fresh quality. Aside from these, they are also perfectly portable. There were previous Arizer vaporizers that do not offer great portability but the Arizer Argo and Air 2 are great for carrying around.

The OLED display of these two models adds up to their usability. You will be able to adjust the heating temperature for both units as well. However, if you want something that will give you a faster heat up time, then the Arizer Air 2 will give you this.


Which one has a better battery?

Since these two devices are from the same manufacturer, they also sport the same battery features. They sport the standard 18650 battery that has a charge up time of around 10-20 minutes.

arizer air

I think that one of the best things about these two Arizer devices is their swappable batteries because that’s something that can give your vaporizer a longer life. They also offer a battery life of 60-90 minutes, depending on how long you will use them and the temperature that they are running on.


So Which One Is The Best?

When it comes to quality, there is no doubt that Arizer Air 2 has a slight advantage because of its higher capacity and ability to cool down the vapor a little bit before it gets to your lungs. But when it comes to other aspects, these two models are equally great. Unless, you want to avoid vaporizer Air 2’s long stem, due to safety issues. 

When you put these two models side by side, it would be really difficult to decide which one is the best. But at the end of the day, you will have to choose according to your needs. That means that you have to evaluate your priorities when you’re choosing your next vaporizer.  Overall, the Arizer Air 2 and the Argo are high-quality vaporizers that will give you your money’s worth. We find the Argo is for the on the go vape user with a priority is tactical portable use. Due to its extra durability with its protected stem in its body. With the slighter larger chamber on the Air 2 and classy design you’ll want to show, but with its exposed stem it’s a lot more delicate and on your mind while on the go. You’ll definitely more inclined to keep it in a bag rather than your pocket like with the Argo, which really pushes the Argo into a different league of portability, without sacrificing quality.

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