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A lot of people question the quality of vapor. What does it depend upon? How do I know my vapor is going to blast me into outer space? What do I do if I get stuck somewhere down that vaporizing road? Well, to start answering those questions, you first have to ask yourself what kind of vaporizer are you holding and what kind of bud do you plan on vaping? Obviously, that’s a bunch of questions that you shouldn’t really be bothered with. However, if you are an aspiring vaporizing connoisseur, it might be time to finally get some answers. 

First of all, vaporizers use two types of heating – conduction heating and convection heating. The former is more suitable to portable vaporizers and the point is that your blends get into direct contact with the heating element. Because of that, the combustion of your bud will not be as clean as possible. But then again, if you are on the go, you are not looking for quality of vapor; you are looking for any vapor whatsoever. With that in mind, there are portable vaporizers that use convection heating but these are quite expensive so lets check out how convection heating works on other vaporizers. 

For instance, desktop vaporizers utilize convection heating. Convection basically means that your blends will not get into direct contact with the heating element. It works on the principle that a fan blows into the heating elements and that heat than spreads over your bud. This method doesn’t require you to stir your blends and truly brings out the most out of your bud. Obviously, combustion is practically nonexistent here so keep that in mind when purchasing your vaporizer. The quality of your vapor in this case is unquestionable and the vapor is thick and consistent. 

In any case, regardless of your smoking/vaping budget, health-wise, it is always a better idea to vaporize your buds rather than smoke them. One key advice is to be careful when choosing your vaporizer, regardless of the fact whether it is portable or a desktop version. Another key issue is to keep an eye on high quality bud. Most of the times, the vaporizer is not the problem but the quality of the bud. If you have a moist, low quality bud, that bastard is not going to be consumed in a pleasant manner. 

Again, you might be a medical marijuana user, an occasional toker or a hardcore smoker, but some of the brands to keep in mind have a proven track record of manufacturing high quality vaporizers so feel free to choose between Haze, Crafty, Atmos, 710, Da Buddha, Volcano, Solid Valve, etc.

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