The AirVape XS Special Edition is a stellar version of its predecessor, the original AirVape XS. The latest variant features the flamboyant brilliance of a black matte exterior embossed with 24-karat gold motifs and linings. It incorporates an advanced blend of a hybrid variety of conduction and convection heating framework. It also has a precision temperature control which lies below the hood. At the end of the day, the iteration revels in a perfect, smooth, and delectable vapor with a million-dollar demeaner, making one of the best vapes on the market today.

Easy To Use

The model has a simple basic interface program with little learning curve. The device turns on by tapping the power switch 3 times. Temperature is varied and set with up and down arrows. It integrates an effortless switchover between Fahrenheit and Celsius by clasping the power button and the down arrow together.

The entity takes only 30 seconds to heat up. You can instantly take shots in speedy vape windows of about 10 minutes. An inbuilt LCD display showcases insights about the temperature, battery status and many more data relevant to your vape session.

Loading the gadget is super easy. The glass mouthpiece is attached with a rubber grommet. It pulls out and the herb oven lies underneath.  In short, using the AirVape XS Special Edition vaporizer is easy and intuitive.

Sophisticated and Appealing Design

AirVape XS Special Edition is all about elegance and sleekness. The black matte texture with its gold-plated top and bottom adds luxury, smoothness, and comfort to your grip. The quality of the build is excellent and predominantly made of a sturdy and lightweight anodized metal shell. The distinctive shape makes compact thin and light, all qualities you want in a portable vape.

The glass mouthpiece has an ergonomic oval design with a silicone connector that lies at the bottom of the mouthpiece containing an airbox and scratch free steel screen to filter and cool the vapor effectively before taking the hits.

Innovative Heating Strategy

The Special Edition consolidates a semi-conduction and semi-convention heating arrangement. This hybrid style is popular as conduction expedites the heating process and convection delivers luscious, aromatic, and lingering draws.

You outwit the two worlds, striking a harmony between a fast  warm-up time and clean, sans smoke vapor.

The ceramic herb oven promotes uniform heating of the material. The conduction effect hinders the formation of flash vaping of herbs and subsequent profuse smoke.

The air holes beneath the stainless steel screen allow the flow of hot air thereby heating the walls of the chamber to vaporize the dry herbs and keep the taste pure and delightful.

Congenial and Plain-Sailing Vapor Production

The AirVape XS Special Edition conveys a snug and enjoyable vapor with minimal draw resistance. It evokes intense flavoured and aromatic vapors at lower temperatures. At higher temperatures (approx. 380°F), it produces medium-sized tangy vapor.

The cool screen set-up inside the mouthpiece mobilizes the vapor by passing through a certain regulated channel and prevents a straightforward landing into your mouth from the oven. This increases the coolness and relaxation the vapor offers.

For eliciting a superior performance and for some tangible poignant mists, grind your dry herbs with subtlety. Then stock the chamber and tightly tamp it down with an even layer on the top edge of the oven. This results in optimal vaping experience.

Robust X-Shell Cover for Surreptitious and Damage-Proof Usage

The so-called X Shell is the protective case made of a supreme quality plastic that is odour-proof to secure discretion and a stealthy carriage, water-proof, and dirt-proof for enhanced protection. The uniqueness lies in the fact that although the plastic case is flexible and durable you can punch the device buttons effectively even when it’s inside the shell.

Efficient Battery and Power-Bank

Like the best portable vaporizers, this one has a charging dock owning of a fantastic combination of a battery and a power bank intended for remote charging. The battery has a small size with a faster full charging time of over an hour through a USB. You can expect around 30 to 45 minutes of constant usage of a fully charged device. Special Edition AirVape also has an inherent pass-through capability that facilitates charging while you vape.

The majorly useful portable power-bank gizmo is wafer-thin and lightweight, carries a glossy minimalist look, and endows adequate energy with a capacity of 2500mAH, to remain packed up all throughout the day.

Concisely, one of the best new vapes on the market is the AirVape Xs Special Edition vaporizer that possesses an elegant and stylish looking vape and essentially meant for the vaping enthusiasts who fancy an enthralling overall experience. To purchase this unique vaporizer seek out a trusted online vape shop.

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