You know what they say, there’s no use crying over spilled hash oil. Wait, that’s not how it goes!

You could be clumsy like me, already holding a funeral for that pre-filled cannabis oil cartridge you just dropped. We understand those things are pretty fragile. The cartridge’s atomizer can even get burnt out because the battery’s too high. Whatever the reason, don’t give up and throw them away.

You CAN save them, and there are various methods which are easy to do, although a little less convenient. Read on, and we’ll tell you how!

E-Juice Vaporizer or E-Cig

Is your oil cut with PEG or the like? Is it thin? If you answered yes to both questions, this method might work! You won’t waste any oil if you vape it.

Don’t fret if you answered no to the questions though, because you can add a little bit of PEG or something similar; even coconut oil will do because it serves as a thinner. Doing so will make it work with a vaporizer or e-cig.

A great thing about vaping concentrates is that it makes a lot less smell than having to burn weed, so it’s a discreet option.

Twaxed Joints

You can twax joints if the hash oil is thin and sappy, which is much easier compared to melting down budder or shatter just to twax with it. If you’ve twaxed joints before, you’ll love how straightforward this will be.

All you need to do is apply the oil to your blunt or joint by rolling them in the concentrate. Twaxing it like this will make your smoke experience extremely potent, giving you a harder hit and a slower burn.


You can just let the THC or CBD oil drip onto silicone or parchment, or use an oil syringe to extract it. If you’re using a syringe, the salvaged oil can be pushed directly onto the dab nail of your dab rig. If not, use something to scoop it out, because oil tends to run.

Is the oil stuck in the cartridge?

You can loosen it by applying heat. A lighter’s flame run across the cartridge will work fine, but don’t let it get too hot or else the oil will burn or vaporize.


Bowl or Pipe

This method is straightforward. You can drip the oil from the broken cartridge into the weed you’ve packed into a pipe or bowl. The oil will enhance your smoke session while making sure what you salvaged isn’t wasted! You don’t have to do it all at once, too. You can set aside that broken cartridge, and take it out whenever you have a smoke sesh with your pipe or bowl.


You don’t have to decarboxylate oil to be able to get high off them, because they have no THCA. Any other ingredients in your distillates are safe to consume, too. Check out the FDA website! Since it’s safe for consumption, you can add them to your food or drink.

Thirsty? Use it in your drink for a lovely reefer refreshment. Oil goes great with coffee or tea, so that salvaged oil can help wake you up in the morning!

If you’re feeling a bit peckish, another option is to sprinkle it onto your meal for a delicious bite that packs a punch. You can satisfy your food cravings while savoring a nice high. Think of weed pasta, salads, burgers. The possibilities are endless!

Oil Syringe

If you’re bent on using a cartridge and don’t want to try other methods, you can transfer the oil from the broken cartridge to an empty one. This way, you can use it as you initially planned to.

You can buy an empty cartridge online or at your local vape shop.

Transferring the cannabis oil can be done by extracting it using a syringe. Unscrew the cartridge’s mouthpiece and dip the oil syringe’s tip inside. Once it’s all out, you can squeeze the oil into the fresh cartridge. If you can’t unscrew the cartridge, you’re screwed, pun intended. But don’t worry, because the previous methods we’ve listed will work completely fine!

One Last Hit

With all these methods we’ve listed out for you, we’re sure you can find one that suits you best! Cannabis oil is precious, and you shouldn’t waste a single drop. With the five techniques mentioned above, you don’t have to give up on your broken cartridges because we’ve shown you that they’re salvageable.

Do you have a different approach to saving broken cannabis cartridges? Leave a comment below!

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