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We have already written about how vaporizing is trending high. And, by now, you have probably figured out that vaporizing marijuana is a much healthier alternative to actually smoking it. With that in mind, it was quite logical that this would turn into a global phenomenon and we’re so glad it has. Not only are marijuana smokers turning to vaporizing but a huge number of tobacco smokers are taking the alternative road as well. Most of them are hoping to quit but a lot of them just prefer to remove the damaging aspects of smoking. To give you an insight into how much has the vaporizing industry progressed; let’s just say that in 2013, the vaporizing industry was worth about $1.7 billion, while in 2015 it doubled to $3.5 billion.

Eliminating Cancer

Now, with smokers joining in on the fun, that number is bound to triple by 2017. Imagine what would happen if every smoker turned to vaporizing in the next ten years? Imagine the amount of people that wouldn’t be dying from lung and throat cancer, or a myriad of other diseases that are associated with tobacco? That would be terrific and the best thing about it is that the marijuana industry made this possible. There are a shitload of testimonials out there that offer success stories from people who have turned from smoking packs of cigarettes a day to vaporizing and eventually quitting smoking for good.

Completely Switching To Vaporizing

To be perfectly honest, here at the office, most of us have turned to vaporizing for good and all of have been tobacco smokers at one point or another. After educating ourselves with true hazards of tobacco smoking and having relatives die from lung cancer, it was time to say goodbye to that particular needless experiment and switch to vaporizing. The benefits are awesome, not only in terms of health but in terms of flavor as well. Vaporizing brings something out that smoking never could and that is mainly true because of the conduction and convection heating being used to extract the essence of the materials you are vaping.

Also, a lot of people switch to vaporizing out of pure curiosity and then they just stick to it. By the way, if you’re even half serious about it, buy yourself a decent vaporizer and then try it out for a couple of months, your entire organism will be grateful for it. We are looking forward to never switching to smoking again, in any shape or form. Long gone are the days of rolling joints or using rolling papers for anything really. The future is here and it’s about to be vaporized with a huge grin on our faces.

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