Athletes and casual gym-goers struggle with pain and soreness after workouts and games. While stretching and heating pads can help, these don’t always have lasting effects. Plus, not everyone has time to deal with heating pads or have a long, hot shower after workouts.

Recent changes in regulations mean that the world is discovering the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) oil. While CBD oil is derived from hemp, it is not the same thing as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana. Lotions and balms containing CBD are gaining popularity among athletes, gym members, and even older adults who struggle with muscle and joint pain.

Effects of a Workout on Your Body

Playing sports and working out is good for your body, but these activities often cause temporary muscle pain. Muscles and joints can become inflamed for hours after physical activity, and it’s common for adults of all ages to wake up slightly sore the next day.

Even post-workout stretching and rehydration does not entirely prevent soreness. Reducing your recovery time after workouts require addressing the inflammation that is the root cause of your pain.

How CBD Balm Helps

CBD reduces inflammation and helps your body recover from the microscopic tears that occur when you work out. Its effects last for hours, minimizing the time you have to spend reapplying. Since CBD is now allowed by the World Anti-Doping Agency, even professional athletes can and do use it.

Plus, CBD retains its effectiveness when applied to the skin topically. You can use a small amount of Canzon CBD balm to get excellent results all over your body. While CBD oil can also be taken orally, the topical application allows you to target specific muscles and get faster results. Canzon’s CBD balms are tested by an independent laboratory to show that they have the appropriate levels of CBD necessary to noticeably reduce pain quickly.

How Much CBD Oil Do I Need?

Balms and lotions contain various percentages of CBD. While a 2% CBD balm is sufficient for most cases, a stronger balm with 3% CBD is a better choice for serious athletes or older adults who have more pain to manage.

CBD oil taken orally can also help your post-workout recovery. Since the effects of CBD oil can be felt in as little as 5 mg, try 2 drops of 5% CBD oil after your workouts, and increase in the future to 3-4 drops if needed.

Getting Better Sleep

CBD oil is also effective as a sleep aid. While leading an active lifestyle can help you sleep more soundly at night, working out too close to bedtime can cause you to stay awake longer. Of course, with our busy daily lives, sometimes working out close to bedtime is unavoidable.

Customers also report that they wake up feeling less sore when they use Canzon CBD balm right before bed. This makes it easier for busy professionals to start their day off right, even if they worked out the night before.

Best CBD Products

Unfortunately, some companies don’t use the best hemp derivatives possible in their products or pack their products with other ingredients and use a minimal amount of CBD. You’ll want to look for a CBD balm that is tested by a certified, third-party laboratory to guarantee its safety and effectiveness.

Canzon has an organic, lab-tested range of CBD products to deliver the results you need. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or only hit the gym once a week, you can rely on Canzon’s balms to tackle the source of your muscle soreness. Plus, Canzon’s products contain less than 0.2% THC, putting them well within legal limits and preventing psychotropic side effects.

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