Students Vaporizing Marijuana During Class



Cannabis has been a mainstream drug for some time now. Being widely accessible to public is something that brings its own set of advantages and drawbacks. For instance, if you live in Colorado, you don’t really have to visit a shady alley to get some weed. All you have to do is visit a dispensary and you’ll be good to go. As much as we would like to say that kids from Colorado have a hard time obtaining marijuana, just the opposite is the case. Students don’t necessarily have legal access to it but obtaining it is probably much easier than ever. 

Believe it or not, with marijuana comes great innovation. The thing with vaporizing marijuana is that the entire process is practically odorless. There’s no strong pungent smell coming from the skunky plant so you can pretty much vaporize anywhere you go. If you don’t feel like vaping in the privacy of your own home, it is probably best to ensure that you become an owner of a portable vaporizer. With that in mind, you will be free to vaporize your herbs either hiking or in the classroom. Students with nothing better to do have decided to take things to another level. 

A lot of kids these days, especially students, have obtained e-cigarettes or pen portable vaporizers and because of the lack of odor it is hard to distinguish whether they are vaping cannabis or e-juices. There is no cannabis detector introduced to schools yet and the drug tests usually cost a lot of money. Lakewood High School in Colorado is dealing with this particular problem by expelling their student Jordan Williams after he has been caught vaporizing marijuana. Jordan was not expelled for good but returned to school after spending some time to reconsider his actions. 

Edibles are another problem that make smuggling THC infused products a whole lot easier. It remains to be seen how Colorado, Washington, California, Alaska, etc. are about to deal with this problem. Surely, new rules and regulations will have to be established for distribution and consumption of these edibles. As impossible as it may sound, it is essential to keep the kids off of cannabis before they reach the legal drinking age of 21. Any marijuana usage before that may results in problems with short-term memory loss and other symptoms that influence cognitive behavior.

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