We’ve all seen those puffs of perfectly grey and white colors swirling in a sweet scent as people who’ve become known as ‘vapors’ who, in my opinion, are taking some consideration for those who don’t smoke and can’t stand the smell of tobacco and cigarette ash, lean towards what’s become known as vaping.

So what is vaping all about? Well, unlike with normal cigarettes that give off a thick, heavy, and toxic smoke, vaping releases fine particles, still with some chemicals but with added flavorings.

With the increasing popularity of these products due to being able to use them indoors they are bringing out more and more flavors, some of which you can check out here https://www.quora.com/What-is-your-favorite-vape-ejuice and see what others prefer and have to say about vaping in general.

Whether you are a smoker or a vapor using an e-pen or e-cigarette it’s always good to be aware of what it entails. For instance, what is an e-cig or e-pen?

An e-cig, also known as an e-cigarette or electronic-cigarette, is a device that mimics or simulates the tastes and actions of smoking. While research hasn’t eliminated the fact that it might still be somewhat harmful, it is for sure, as stated by the NHS England to be 95% less detrimental.

There are variations when it comes to the models and styles available for you to choose from, some with a battery compartment, others with the liquid canister for the vaping liquid and others that you charge that resemble an actual cigarette. The use is the same, but the style is dependent on preference.

VG versus PG.

So, for starters what do these initials mean? VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin while PG stands for Propylene Glycol, each is an ingredient in the majority of vaping liquids, this combined with nicotine and flavoring.

Vg as the name would suggest is more of a natural compound and extracted naturally from plants or coconut palm products. With its sweet yet subtle flavor profile, it offers a less intense experience on the back of the throat and has an odorless characteristic. It is also colorless and essentially transparent.

Vg has a thicker vape cloud, like those industrial style looking clouds coming from smokers’ noses and mouths, and thus due to its higher viscosity rating, it does not absorb flavor easily.

Pg although it’s viscosity is lower and it flows easily, it is still of a natural and organic nature. Because it is thinner it absorbs flavors easily and can provide an intense burst of flavor determined by how much you add.

This concentrated taste is experienced by the user and smelt by the people nearby. My friend uses a vape and when she adds in cotton candy I immediately feel like I’m at a fairground with candy floss in my hand. I can certainly see the appeal that would draw people in.

For a quick look into how it has come about in today’s society, take a minute to read this short article on smoking and e-cigs, it’s positives and gives an easier understanding so it’s a win-win.

3 tips on what to look for when choosing an electronic cigarette?

Like with all products there are too many options to choose from, take your time,

  • This is going to be the biggest choice out of the whole process, determined by whether you are just starting on your electronic journey or are a seasoned smoker. They come in various sizes, some which fit snugly into a clutch for chic outfits on a night out, others the size of a torch for experienced users that fit in oversized handbags and last the longest out of all the models.
  • Beginner kit. These are great for finding out everything there is to know about your e-pen or e-cig, they come with refillable or disposables of your liquid and most importantly, an instruction manual.
  • When purchasing the product it would be wise to spare a few minutes to have a chat with the shop floor staff, ask about the features and it’s warranty in the unfortunate event something were to happen. Battery life and strength of liquid are some of the basic elements of a successful product.

Not sure where to start? Then have a look at cloudridevapor for quality products that have been tried and tested and have rave reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. You want a reputable supplier that can guarantee a quality product.

Why use an e-cig over normal cigarettes?

There have been studies showing many inconclusive concrete results, but for the most part, they have evidence to support the claims, and until proven otherwise we go with it. While the e-cigs do have nicotine in them, the amount is significantly less than the average cigarette.

This being said, a lower dose does not encourage you to take more puffs, because that would defeat the purpose am I right?

Many restaurants expect smokers to go outside or to a designated smoking area, although I have seen some operations allowing vape users to be in an enclosed area inside, but still away from non-smokers.

One thing I have noticed from my smoker friends is that their houses, their clothes, and hands no longer reek of that horrible ashtray smell we are so used to expecting from a home with smokers. So for me, this is the biggest bonus of switching from tobacco smokes to e-liquid options.

My husband and I used to run a pub for many years, and even though we had a smoking section and a balcony to the front when it was late at night and just our close friends we would allow them to be inside with their vapes. We didn’t mind the smell, which by the way doesn’t linger, and they don’t set off the smoke alarms so it suited us just fine.

There are always going to be positive and negatives to a story, whichever side of the coin you are on just be sure to be safe and smoke responsibly away from children.

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