Technogenesis in Vaporizing Marijuana



If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last 20 to 30 years, then you’ve probably noticed that we’re in the middle of technological evolution, aka the technogenesis – the term used to describe our co-evolution with various tools and technologies. Our lives are irretrievably and for the better (although some would argue for the worse) changed by various utilizations of technology. Naturally, cannabis culture has found ways how to utilize technology for its sake. Although many of you may have this stereotypical image of a lazy pothead on their mind, people involved into cannabis consumption are far from that picture. Entrepreneurs and creators alike are pushing the cannabis culture to the forefront of the tech world.

Cannabis meets tech

So how does it work? In short – it works any way you may think of. Let’s say you need some information about a marijuana strain you’d like to try, or you’re looking for the closest dispensary with good reviews, you’d start your journey by visiting a website such as Leafly that provides all these information. After that, you might want to pick up some new CBD/THC hybrid oils from Dixie Elixirs, a company that’s on a mission to provide “innovative, safe, effective and delicious cannabis products and to lead the industry through research, education and advocacy”. And then you might want to safely consume your oils in your VapeXhale CloudEVO.

The good old days were not that good in the case of marijuana consumption. If you wanted or needed to buy weed, the only way to do it was to hook up with a dealer, which was often dangerous, for various and obvious reasons. You didn’t have the luxury of choice, you took whatever the dealer had and there was no way to know anything about the quality other than to try it, which implies you had to trust your dealer.

A far cry from the old days

It took as a while to get to where we are now. The scenario we take for granted today, was impossible not long ago – if you wanted to quit smoking cannabis but still needed access to its medical benefits, there was no other solution for you but to quit smoking it. Today, we have these new vaporizers that won’t affect your performance levels when you are running or are engaged in other physical activities, for instance. VapeXhale have come up with a new type of vaporizer that combines different aspects of vaping technology with the aesthetics and ritual of a glass bong. Their product is a huge success with the weed community and it has won awards in tech industry competitions that have nothing to do with pot.

Today’s pot culture is all about health and efficiency

Not long ago it was impossible to imagine these words used when talking about marijuana. But today, the culture around consumption of marijuana is all about health and efficiency. Consumers demand information and quality. Dispensaries around the country are constantly optimizing the levels of THC and CBD, thus providing the consumers with a wide variety of choices. Modern marijuana consumers know what they want and unlike old days, when we were all forced to consume the same strain, today we have the luxury of choice and safety.

The future of cannabis related technological solutions will be very exciting and most importantly, consumers and their needs are at the center of it. As marijuana is becoming more mainstream, we can expect to see more options tailored for just about every type of marijuana consumer you can think of.

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