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Some of us still feel like 1995 was 5 years ago. For others, it was a lifetime ago. This was the time when mobile phones started hitting the market. But that wasn’t the only novelty from the world of technology. Vaporizers started popping out as well. And they, much like mobile phones, were facing the same future. Over the past couple of decades, the tech people have shrunk our phones as well as our vaporizers and made them more powerful than ever before. Obviously, the more our technology advances, the better our vaping experiences become. But what exactly has changed since the early 90s?

Small is beautiful

The first electric vaporizers were big. Huge, compared to those stylish pens people carry in their pockets today. They were awkward to use and more importantly, they were very expensive, which is why very few people used them. It’s probably safe to assume that those few were true fanatics. Then the almighty Volcano entered the market as the first convection vaporizer and paved the way for a vaporaissance. It was so good, that it managed to survive all these years and is still available today. However, it was still too big to become desirable by many. Vapir pushed the boundaries a bit further and introduced conduction technology, which eventually paved the way for the invention of a portable vaporized, as this technology uses less power, and is easier to adapt to a compact design.

Conduction vs. convection

If you’re a true aficionado, then you’ll appreciate to learn about what’s happening to your cannabis when it’s heated, or in other words – what is the difference between conductive and convective heating. Conduction and convection are merely descriptions of heat transfer. With vaporizers that use conduction to transform cannabis into vapor will require that you apply your herb or concentrates directly to a hot plate. The process is also known as dabbing. Convective vaporization employs an electronic mechanism to heat air. Once it reaches a certain temperature, the air heats your herbs and/or concentrates and thus extracts their active compounds (THC and/or CBD). This way your material turns into vapor without being charred. This method also creates the purest form of activated cannabis. Conduction vaporizers might cook and burn your greens and destroy those precious active ingredients. This means that convection vaporization is better for your body; however, it requires more power, which makes these vaporizers larger and heavier.

What kind of experience can vaporizers provide?

You must’ve noticed by now how different strains have different effects on you. And that the high coming from a joint is incomparable to the high coming from a vaporizer. That’s because every cannabis strain has a unique combination of over 85 active cannabinoids and around 200 terpenes, which are the oils responsible for distinctive flavors of cannabis, such as citrus, berry, mint, and pine or others, less pleasant ones as well. Additionally, some folks have found out the terpenes present in cannabis resin enhance the potency of THC. Because medical research has been heavily focused on cannabinoids, we have a very limited knowledge about these aromatic compounds. All these ingredients create an array of experiences for you. Each of ingredients becomes active at a different temperature. They are constantly augmenting each other to create different flavors and effects. In order to be able to get the most out of vaporizing cannabis, to taste the true flavor and feel the full effect, you have to know something about cannabis boiling temperatures and effects. A lot of vaporizers offer temperature control and adjustment, but you still vape one temperature at a time. To be able to vape at multiple temperatures without letting your vapor sit around is not a matter of science fiction, but something called dynamic convection.

Dynamic convection

What dynamic convection can do is amazing! Basically, it changes the temperature according to your breath as you inhale. The difference is that static heat creates static vapor, unlike dynamic heat that creates, well, dynamic vapor. This means that while vaporizing your material at a range of temperatures as you inhale, it is able to extract every active ingredient and existing flavor in just one single breath. This is not a joke; this is a full spectrum vapor with a flavor unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. So what’s the catch, why aren’t we using this technology for every vaporizer out there? Well, it’s a challenge, so to speak. You see, dynamic convection requires up to 10 times more power than conduction. Portable units would drain your battery in no time. Technology has to improve for us to be able to enjoy the benefits of the dynamic convection. However, two Silicon Valley veterans decided to confront this challenge and have come up with the first portable dynamic convection vaporizer: the Firefly. It’s an amazing piece of work; we’ll give you that. It’s designed to capture the wonders of every cannabinoid present. It will take you a while to learn how to use it properly, but once you do, you’ll fall in love.

Are herbs becoming obsolete?

In other words, are we giving advantage to the concentrates? After all, they are more potent and as such more efficient. The trend certainly implies that concentrates might be the future of vaporization. As far as technology is concerned, there will be improvements in temperature control; we can expect the dynamic convection to evolve, as we move further in our quest for more efficient vaporization and “whole plant experiences.” As the industry continues to perfect both the methods of extraction as well as the vaporization technology, it is fun to think of all possible outcomes. Perhaps these “smart” machines will be able to tell you exactly which cannabinoids you inhaled? Perhaps they’ll be able to “read” your herbs and concentrates even before you start heating them and tell you about their quality or the combination of ingredients? Additionally, no one can predict what will the introduction of intelligent machines bring for the vaping industry. What a great time to be alive, huh?

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