While smoking marijuana has not been directly associated with any harmful pulmonary effects, the presence of tar and other substances rolls such as blunts make it more likely to irritate the airways leading to disease conditions such as chronic bronchitis. However, with the introduction of vaping and vaporizers, the unnecessary risks associated with marijuana smoking will soon be a thing of the past. Vaporizers have not only proven to be safer for health-conscious stoners but also offer discretion.

To many people, vaping seems a recent trend. However, this is not the case as there is written evidence suggesting that ancient Egyptian used vaporizers made from stone. The idea of e-cigarette was started by Joseph Thompson in 1927. Herbert Gilbert patented the first electronic cigarette in 1963. Termed smokeless cigarettes, this e-cigarette by Herbert was responsible for an upswing in the popularity of vaping. The first modern e-cigarette came into existence in the year 2003, produced by Chinese firm Hon Lik.

Currently, there are hundreds of vaporizers on the market. Like any other electronic gadget, vaporizers come in different versions, sizes, and colors. The quality and quantity of vapor produced also differs amongst vaporizers. Discussed below are the top five best vaporizers currently available in the market.

G Slim Vaporizer, Snoop Dogg Bush Edition

Dedicated to Snoop Dogg’s Bush album and crafted by Grenco Science, this beauty is one of its kind. Sleek, stealth, compact, and lightweight are its attributes. In addition to its enhanced portability, Snoop Dogg G slim is simple to operate with a single on/off button. It requires a meager 10 seconds to heat while at the same time, its temperature regulation is automatic. This vaporizer comes with a durable and rechargeable Li-Ion battery, a wireless USB charger, one G Slim Tool, and one G Slim Herbal Tank with a durability index of 6 to 8 weeks. The Snoop Dogg G Slim is designed mainly for dried herbs, producing an aroma-laden vapor unrivaled by any other vaporizer.

White Rhino Dube Air Vaporizer

Designed by White Rhino company, Dube Air is a pen-style vaporizer. It is a miniaturized version of the Dube vape and can be used with both dry herbs and concentrates. Like a BIC pen, Dube Air is compact, discrete with a sleek rubber-coated external surface to absorb heat. It has a quartz rod atomizer and a 280mAh rechargeable battery. Its heat time of fewer than 5 seconds is unrivaled by any other vaporizer.

To use Dube Air vaporizer, first, it has to be fully charged. The mouthpiece is removed then 0.3-0.5g of either wax or dried herbs are introduced into the cartridge. The mouthpiece is securely fitted back. The button on the battery side is then pressed several times until the light flashes green. Once the light stops flashing, the button still pressed, the user inhales several times. All the dried herbs or wax in the cartridge has to be exhausted, the Dube is cleaned.

Atmos Kiln Vaporizer

The Atmos Kiln pen-styled or mod hybrid vaporizer is the latest vaping device to hit the market. It is unique from other vaporizers with a heating mechanism based on pure ceramic disc atomizer, 950mAh Li-Ion battery, and a 510 thread. The atomizer is protected from exposure to wicks and wires hence the wax is heated without any contamination. The 510 thread allows it to be used with any other 510 threaded battery in addition to the stock battery. The Atmos Kiln requires  a power range of  5- 13 watts for optimal functioning

G Pen Vaporizer

A product of the Grenco Science company, G Pen is a small light and easily portable pen-style vaporizer designed specifically for dried herbs only. With an elegant, futuristic outlook, enhanced efficiency and a relatively low cost of $70, G Pen has earned its superiority fair and square. Its other attributes include a wide temperature range of 200F – 428F, a relatively fast heating mechanism attaining 350F in less than 30 seconds and a large ceramic chamber which can hold 0.75g of dried herbs.

The G Pen comes with a 2000mAh rechargeable battery with automatic temperature control, a USB cable charger, 3 cleaning tips, 2 glass sleeves, one wall adapter, and a user manual. The robust battery power allows for 6 to 12 sessions before the battery runs out. It also comes with an inbuilt full LED display, a battery life indicator and an attached card-like grinder that can be used to grind dried herbs at home.

Cloud V Phantom Vaporizer

Designed by CloudV company, Cloud V Phantom is an impressively sleek and compact vaporizer for dried herbs mainly. It is a suitable vaporizer for both newbies and experienced stoners. It has numerous unique features including a direct-draw delivery method, durable Li-Ion battery, user-controlled temperature, a fast heat-up time of fewer than 10 seconds, and about 17 colors to choose from. At purchase, Cloud V comes with a battery unit, a USB charger, and one tank. Its small size of 3 inches makes it highly portable. Despite being new in the market, Cloud V is rapidly gaining popularity.

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