Dubbed as the world’s first pocket nail, this portable wax pen vaporizer from Puffco is arguably one of the best wax pen vaporizers on the market today. The Puffco Plus is what many feel will be the product if “Apple” were to design and create a wax pen vaporizer. It’s sleek, slim, and chock full of high-tech features that will complement and make the Puffco Plus perfectly go alongside your favorite smartphone. It boasts some of the best technology and engineering making the Puffco Plus wax pen vaporizer an industry standard where other wax pen vaporizers would follow suit. 

Puffco Plus is the product of some of the greatest minds in the vaping industry. Brought together by the creative genius, the man behind the success of Puffco, their CEO, and founder Roger Voladarsky. He ushered a much-needed revolution in the vaporizer industry. His want for more than what the industry could offer drove him to bring together the “disciplines of design, technology, and engineering” which attracted those who share the same view as Voladarsky had and together they created if not innovated one of the best platforms for wax concentrate consumption. The people from Puffco want the Plus not only to be the world’s first pocket nail – they’d want it to be the world’s greatest. 

A Mutual Similarity 

Wax concentrates are considered as cannabis in its purest, genuine, absolute form. Cannabis concentrates contain higher doses of cannabinoids – THC and CBD – as compared to its vegetable plant form. They hit you harder and they take effect faster than any method of cannabis consumption. 

Like the materials used for the Puffco Plus, Voldadarsky wanted the Plus to be as pure as the concentrates. He, together with his team, made the Plus the epitome of purity. The Puffco Plus is made without using glues, a component used on almost all average wax pen vaporizers which hold the pieces together. While glues are one of the most cost-effective and practical means of keeping wax pen vaporizers in place they’re considered as a potential health risk especially when glues and similar synthetic products are found near the heating element and the mouthpiece of the vaporizer. When exposed to heat, they may fuse with the vapors which will not only affect the taste of the concentrates but the overall quality of your materials. This is simply unacceptable especially when you’re using high-quality concentrates. 

The air path of the Puffco Plus, as well as other Puffco Products, are free from plastic components which may also create toxic by-products. They believe in vaping only what you put in connecting vaporizer and concentrate in this mutual similarity. 

Top-Notch Vapors

The Puffco Plus wax pen vaporizer yields some of the best vapors in the business. Thanks to its coil-less ceramic bowl, your wax concentrates are evenly heated without getting to the point of combustion. This means you’re never going to get burnt concentrates keeping your sessions smooth and clean. Ceramic by nature is porous, the ceramic bowl used on the Puffco Plus slowly absorbs the concentrates as they’re heated which allows for better vaporization and even better flavor retention. The ceramic bowl is pressure-sealed providing your concentrates with the perfect environment to vaporize and since the ceramic bowl was made without any coils, your concentrates will never come into direct contact with the heating element. This is key to keeping a low and slow heating profile when vaping concentrates allowing you to taste all the terpenes and experience all the cannabinoids from your favorite concentrates. 

Like the high-grade ceramic bowls, the mouthpiece from the Puffco Plus Vape Pen is made for purity as well as for practical functionality. Plus’s mouthpiece doubles as a loading tool which combines both the carb cap and the dab tool in one functional mouthpiece. A special tool made from the same high-grade ceramic component allows you to pick concentrates and load them onto the Puffco Plus without needing a separate equipment. Using ceramic on the mouthpiece not only allows the Puffco Plus to faithfully preserve the flavor and the aroma of your concentrates but it makes the vaporizer itself as easy to clean as it is easy to maintain. This makes the Puffco Plus vaporizer one of the most recommended vaporizer units for medical and recreational cannabis concentrate consumers. 

Built to Last, Built to Go Fast

The Puffco Plus was made with the on-the-go vape consumer in mind. Whether you’re a medicating patient needing quick relief from your medical condition or a recreational user wanting to get a quick fix, the Puffco Plus can deliver the necessary results real fast. The Puffco Plus features a specialized setting they call the “sesh mode” which heats up your concentrates for 12 seconds which allows you to experience that “full medicated dose.” The battery charges in as fast as 35 minutes which means less wait time and more vape time. 

The Puffco Plus is also housed in a precision machined alloy with a fingerprint resistant coating. It protects the Puffco Plus from minimal dents as well as from the average wear and tear from daily use. 

Practical Versatility

The Puffco Plus features 3 heat settings that are fine-tuned to provide you with the optimum vaping experience. Unlike vaporizers that are packed with a lot of temperature profiles, the Puffco Plus features only the basics, the essentials, what’s important. Through years of experience in the vaporizer industry, Puffco knows what you need and what you don’t. Instead of flooding you with features that you don’t need the Puffco Plus is outfitted with three temperature profiles that’ll give you everything from a subtle flavorful hit to dense clouds of vapors. 

This combination of simplicity and versatility is what makes the Puffco Plus work, there’s no need for you to learn new tricks, new operational skills. It operates like almost every wax pen vaporizer so there’s no requirement for a steep learning curve. 

The Puffco Plus wax pen vaporizer is the best choice for people who’d like to vape on their feet, for those who want an affordable and durable vaporizer, for people who want nothing but pure clouds. 

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