When we talk of CBD, we are actually talking about, the plant, marijuana; also known as cannabis. CBD happens to be one out of the over 80 extracts possible from the flower of this plant. The other well-known extract from marijuana is THC. THC is a more known compound due to its reputation for producing psychoactive effects on its users. Because of THC, marijuana was viewed in the main as adverse to human well-being. However, recent studies on CBD have shown that the plant actually offers very interesting health benefits.

Whereas THC attaches itself to the human brain’s cannabinoid receptors, making it possible to affect the cognitive functions of its users –albeit adversely- CBD interacts with the neural pathways in the body. Unlike the THC, it does not attach itself; rather, it stimulates the body to produce substances similar to it, these substances are responsible for the therapeutic effects it gives.

This recent awareness of the benefits of CBD, in addition to the recent legalization of the plant’s products in many places, has resulted in a spike in interest in the plant. With this increase in interest, there has also been an increase in the production of CBD products. These products have been known to offer relief from pain, inflammation, bowel ailments, neurological pains, and much more. For some, its relaxing effect is the reason they use it. To find out how to get yours, you can click here!

Different Forms for Different Folks

CBD can come in different forms. You have the tincture; which is actually an alcohol-based solution. It can also come in capsule form. You still have it in its oil form. You equally have it in topical form. Depending on your need for it, you will decide which of these forms you would prefer. Because of the liver’s act on CBD, the capsule form would not be the best for any person who would need high doses. The liver leaves you with just about six percent of the CBD you took in; this makes the capsule a very expensive option for those who may require high doses. There is also a topical category. This cream form is used by people who are experiencing pain that is mostly on the skin surface. Most people seem to prefer the alcohol-based tincture, but most of the best products will come in oil form.

It should matter to you the type of oil you are getting. You do not want to spend money for less value or worse still, wasting recovery time on an ineffective product. There are many products out there. To worsen it, there is yet no regulation on the product; so, you are left to the discretion of the manufacturer. You should not be left to just the discretion of the manufacturer though; there are things you can know about this marijuana extract that will help you choose correctly.

Check for Purity

It comes from the flower of a plant so it is commonsensical that whatever product you are buying should be organic. Well, don’t be surprised to know that not all oils you will find out there are the result of organic extracts; and even when you have some organic content, you may discover that the CBD percentage in it might just be too negligible.

One of the things you will then need to determine is the amount of organic CBD in the product you are purchasing. The best oils will have a manufacturer’s certificate of analysis. Demand for it when you are making any purchase! Some very self-assured manufacturers even employ the aid of third party professional analysts to vet their products. You can find more information about this here: https://observer.com/2019/12/best-cbd-oil-for-pain/.

When you would have confirmed the percentage of CBD in your oil, you will need to be sure of what other things it may contain. Because this is an extract from a plant, a bioaccumulator for that matter (a plant that absorbs everything, good and bad, in the soil in which it is planted), you will also need to be sure it does not contain such things as pesticides, insecticides, and any other chemical that could have been used during the planting and storage stages of its production as these can have adverse effects on humans.

You will equally need to know if it has any traces of THC. The standard is 0.3%. However, this amount is detectable in blood tests. So, if you are involved in an undertaking –like sports- where the traces of such are not expected to show in your blood samples, you need to go for products that are completely THC free.

CBD Oil for PainPremium Oil Is Much about Quality and Quantity

How CBD is extracted from its parent plant determines much of its quality. CO2 is the agent normally used for its extraction. Turned from gas to liquid, CO2 penetrates the flower and oozes out with CBD solvents. On its becoming gaseous again, it leaves behind a viscous golden-colored oily extract, with an earthy smell. Some manufacturers though use alcohol; some others use olive oil. Some use butane in place of alcohol; this is risky as it could leave toxic deposits in the oil. MCT oil, in its organic form, has also been used to provide enhanced absorption and extra value as its fatty acids and oils are essential for the brain and heart.

The best CBD oils offer you the options of a full-spectrum oil or pure oil. The full-spectrum has in it all the essential components of the marijuana flower; including CBD, some minute THC, and terpenes. The full-spectrum alternative has proven to be the better alternative with many people, but those who are regularly tested for THC traces in their blood will do well to avoid this. The pure oil, on the other hand, contains just CBD extracts.


The best oils will also provide you a wide range of dosage options. Some offer very mild options like 100mg; some others have strengths as high as 2500mg. the best oils will always give you options. It is advisable to always begin with lower strengths. Some people respond with relief to as low as 20mg. moreover, you should know that CBD is a blood thinner; with the implication that it can cause low blood pressure, which in turn can result in hypotension. It is therefore advisable, to be cautious if you are on other medications or if you have earlier had a history of low blood pressure.

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