If you are among the ones who have no clue about vaping, then everything related to it can be really confusing in a big way. Even the words related to it, like sub ohm, tanks, coils, mods, juice, and clearomizers, can be foreign to you. This will simply make you feel uncomfortable and nobody likes to feel like that when they are on the way of learning something new. So, this post is all about the things you need to know about vapes and vaping. You will be learning about how it works, what is it made of, how to change coil, what type of tank it is made of, what are the types, and all. You will be a pro after you read this article and you will not feel uncomfortable anymore. So, go ahead.


Most of the people who are going to try for vaping have this question. This is an important yet simple question. The tank of the vaping device is where the liquid of your choice is present and the cotton wicks inside which absorbs the juice. When the device is activated, the coil present in the tank heats up and the juice evaporates and the vapors can be inhaled. Now, the answer can vary on the type of the device you are using or the type of coil it has and more. So now, there are more questions that need to be answered. Go ahead.


An e-cig can be something that looks complicated but is simple system which simply converts the liquid into the vapors. Well, there are various types of the e-cig so that various needs and types of uses can be suited. The entire device is known as the atomizer which comes in three different forms namely: (a) clearomizer, (b) cartomizer, and (c) glassomizer. Every e-cig has got battery which is also known as mod, the tank, and the coils.

The battery is the one powering the device and can be integrated into an unit or is replaceable. The mod is used for charging the device and it houses the battery. The wires and the coils wounded in a coils shape heats the e-liquid on wicks so the vapors can be created which you inhale. The tank is a part of the device which holds the wicks, e-juice and the heating coil.



Vape mods can be separated into two categories namely (a) Regulated, and (b) Unregulated.

Regulated: These are the ones that have a circuit board inside them, which allows for a safety feature to be incorporated and have different features for customizing like variable wattage, voltage and temperature control. These are not as complicated as it sounds though. These have two types:

  • Tube Mods: These are the vape pens that have updated sub-ohm tanks. These have become a new go-to device for the beginners as it is equipped with the latest technology for vaping for performing better. Most of the vape pens present in the market are tube mods and have one press button.
  • Box Mods: These are the most powerful and sophisticated devices present in the market. These are the box shaped devices with the battery power that is more than the tube mods. It also has some advanced features for personalizing the experience of vaping. The features that it has are temperature control, external batteries, and airflow control on Atomizer, LED screen to display information like puff counter, battery life, temperature setting, voltage setting, and external voltage.

Unregulated: These are the mods that have no built-in features that are usually found in the regulated mods. These have no electricity circuitry that can help in protecting the users from the malfunctions of the device. The things included in it are the battery, an atomizer, and a case where all this can be held. This can be a risk to the users as no safety feature is present in it. These ones are surely not for beginners.

Mechanical Mod is a simple device which has a pure battery power housed in a box or a metallic tube. These ones are used by those vape enthusiasts who are into building their own atomizers for creating an ideal experience of vaping.

These were the things that you need to know about vaping. Now, you are good to go for the vaping experience.

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