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If you’re reading this, chances are you love to inhale your herbs. Europeans are more economic in smoking their weed since they mix their weed with tobacco when rolling joints. Americans, on the other hand, tend to be purists when marijuana is concerned, and they usually don’t mix their herbs with tobacco. Whichever part of the world you come from, you probably realize that smoking is bad for you, especially if you’re a tobacco enthusiast. The amounts of carbon monoxide released into the lungs may lead to serious respiratory problems and a number of pulmonary illnesses, especially with people who smoke on a daily basis.  For instance, if you’re a daily marijuana smoker, you may develop a condition called chronic bronchitis, which is usually accompanied by coughing and phlegm discharge.  This is where vaporizers come in.

THC Intact

In 2007, University of California in San Francisco had the pleasure of conducting a study that examines whether vaporizers are a much healthier option for a cannabis user. By studying 18 participants, they discovered that vaporizing provides an identical amount of THC while at the same time almost eliminated a significant amount of carbon monoxide.  Basically, you get the same high as you would by smoking a joint, only on a much less harmful level. The study concluded that the amount of harmful toxins is not to be neglected but it surpasses the disadvantages of a traditional joint.

Decreases Chest Pain

Another study that was also conducted in 2007, only this time by the University of New York in Albany and the University of South California, concludes that vaporizing marijuana has a therapeutic effect on people who already smoke cannabis and tobacco. The methodology consisted of an Internet survey and it was evident vaporizing actually decreases problematic symptoms like chest pain, coughing and phlegm discharge. That’s a monumental discovery but even though its 2014, the use of vaporizers still isn’t as widespread as it should be. People sure do love their joints, blunts and water pipes.

Cures Pulmonary Symptoms

In 2010, the University of New York in Albany built on the findings discovered in 2007 and decided to spread their sample to 20 daily marijuana users. Those users suffered from pulmonary symptoms before the study began and its goals was to monitor whether their condition would improve after using vaporizers. After a month has passed, the participants noted substantial improvements in the lung department and the findings were quite similar to those of cigarette smokers who decided to kick the habit once and for all.

Vaporizing is significantly healthier than smoking, which was always a no brainer. However, these findings, although made in almost a decade ago, still fail to influence the habits of cannabis and tobacco smokers. Some find vaporizers too expensive, some believe that vaporizing is only intended for everyday marijuana smokers and others believe that the quality of the vapor doesn’t really get the most out of your bud.

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