Vaping Butane Hash Oil Is So Hot Right Now



According to a Global Drug Survey 2015, vaping butane hash has reached a new high – it is now more popular than smoking it in a joint with tobacco. Have you ever heard of a phrase such as “Dabbing Errl?” We have, recently, and after a thorough research, we discovered that, simply put, it is about butane hash oil (or BHO). This special oil is a cannabis extract made by blasting marijuana with butane, a solvent that takes all the THC (and nothing else) from cannabis with it. Pretty much, it’s pure THC. BHO is vaporized, either in a pan or using a dabbing pipe, which is where the phrase “Dabbing Errl” comes from—you blowtorch the titanium bowl piece until it’s red hot, then you use a pointy tool (aka a dabbing tool) to press the oil onto the metal and it bursts into a vapor cloud. And yes, you don’t just stare at that cloud, you have to inhale it before it’s gone.

History of making cannabis extracts

People have been making pot extracts for thousands of years now – pounding, churning, and milling green plant to separate its natural resins in order to yield a more concentrated product is one of the oldest activities known to humans. For ages, we called this concentrated product hash. It used to come in many different textures, ranging anywhere from soft and sticky to hard and dry. Now, we have this relatively new method of extraction that seems to be much more effective and makes the final product itself look very different than what we used to see. The texture is like oil and most importantly, it is as potent as hell – it will knock you down like nothing else that comes from marijuana plant.

Remember your first joint?

Many users have reported that BHO made them feel the same they felt when they smoked pot for the first time. After having built up the tolerance over many years of consuming marijuana, exposing your body to the whole new level of THC can do that to you – it can give you that high that feels like a warm blanket and leaves you pretty much useless, drowning in total bliss. If this is not how you felt when you first tried marijuana, well, sorry.

What’s all the fuss about

Since people discovered that vapes are more efficient in their use of cannabis, providing a smoother draw thanks to their lack of tobacco smoke and, in theory, healthier than joints, many have jumped in to produce their own vaping material. Vaporizers allow people to consume weed without hiding in a park. They are so popular, that manufacturers can barely keep up with the demand. However, the story of BHO doesn’t always have a happy ending. You see, the process of making it involves a precarious procedure that can literally blow up in your face. Over the past few of years, there have been an increasing number of instances of people messing up the extraction process and severely injuring and even killing themselves.

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