Vaping Has Gone Mainstream


Did you know that last year Oxford dictionary named “vape” as its word of the year? It seems that the attempt to make the word “vape” more popular than “google” was a serious idea after all. President of the Dictionaries Division said they noticed the rise of the word and concluded that it had reached its peak last year. Given the booming marijuana vaporizers sector, expect to hear more of this word in years to come. It seems as if vaping has really become a mainstream thing. Everyone is vaping.

It’s safer!

When you see someone vaping ask them is it because they think it’s safer. That’s the reason behind most of the decisions to transfer to vaping instead of using bongs and joints. Besides, it’s more cost-efficient (you don’t need to put a lot of your herbs or oils into the heating chamber) and finally, it’s discreet. “I feel like vape is a more refined term,” Chandler Davis, a 24-year-old Denver budtender, told The New York Times. “Here and there, we’re making smoking a little classier.” And he couldn’t have said it better – vaping indeed has made smoking classier than it was. If nothing else, at least you don’t stink of weed when you’re vaping. But is it really a classy activity?

Social etiquette of vaping

It’s safe to assume that vaping is healthier than smoking, but now that it’s growing in popularity, we wonder how annoyed does it make other people feel? The ubiquitous nature of vape pens is about to make them as omnipresent as smartphones and we all know how people behave with their iPhones and Samsungs. There’s nothing classy in meeting someone for a brunch and then ignore them for the rest of the meeting because you’re so in love with your cool gadget. As conversations around vaping and vaporizers are starting to pop out from wherever you go, and people are starting to whip their vape pens out in the public more freely, it seems as if all the hype is starting to annoy those not engaged into vaping madness. Whichever side you belong to, please be polite and focus on your friends instead of your gadget, you’ll do everyone a favor – including yourself.

Sharing a vape

Back in the days, we use to share a joint without ever thinking of germs, viruses and bacteria that we shared as well. But pursing your lips around a plastic tube somehow seems different! It’s like that feeling you get when you see someone other than yourself chewing and licking your pen. Suddenly, you never want to touch it again. What was it with joints that made this little issue irrelevant? It’s hard to tell. Somehow, we perceive our gadgets as our intimate companions, maybe because we carry them around with us – they’re close to our bodies (and thus to our hearts?). Whatever the case, vaping is here to stay, whether you hate it or not. In fact, it’s safe to say that vaping is the new black!

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