The Vapir Oxygen Mini 4.0 is manufactured by Vapir Inc who is located and incorporated in San Jose, California, USA. They also claim this contact, 1220 Pear Ave. – Suite C, Mountain View, CA 94043, Phone (800) 841.1022 Fax (775) 278.0021

The Vapir Oxygen Mini 4.0 is in its 3rd generation of design. This is a portable herbal vaporizer with a digital temperature controller. The vaporizer can be recharged (after purchasing the additional battery pack) and includes a ceramic-housed quartz-style heating element. Vapir does not mention whether or not the heating element is sintered.  They claim that the heating element will reach optimum heat in minutes.

Battery pack – You can use the Vapir Oxygen Mini 4.0 direct from the mains with its six-foot-long power cord or you can purchase the portable battery pack which offers a 70-inch power cord to give you a lot more freedom. The Vapir battery pack is a standard 1500mAH and when fully charged will offer approximately one hour of continuous heating. It is suggested that the first charge of the battery pack is 12 hours and every charge after that should be overnight: 8 – 10 hours.

The Vapir Oxygen Mini herbal vaporizer has fully adjustable temperature control, normally you would preheat the Vapir vaporizer to 374 ° F (190 °C) and adjust the temperature up and down from there using the + and – buttons. It will take some practice to get the perfect vaporization temperature for your specific blend. It is also understood that all these heaters and temperature gauges will not all calibrate identically. This is not made by NASA.

  • Direct inhalation herbal vaporizer using the small straw
  • Mains operated, the power cord is six feet long
  • Portable with rechargeable batteries (optional)
  • Adjustable temperature digital vaporizer
  • Digital vaporizer temperature display
  • The ceramic-housed quartz-style heating element
  • Built-in China
  • Dimensions with heat shield: 6.5 inches x 2 inches x 2 inches
  • Dimensions of optional external rechargeable battery: 3 inches x 2 inches x 1 inch (wire from battery to unit is 70 inches long)
  • Possible to use the Vapir Mini 4.0 with a 12-volt car adapter also
  • The Vapir Oxygen Mini 4.0 will not inflate balloons
  • It is recommended to grind your mix finely when using the Vapir Mini 4.0 herbal vaporizer
  • Warranty – Vapir Oxygen Mini vaporizer 4.0 has a one year manufacturer’s warranty. However, if you charge the battery pack for over 24 hours you can overheat it and void the warranty

Vapir Inc also claims several patents.

  • 6,095,153 Vaporization of volatile materials
  • D489,448 Vaporization Apparatus
  • 6,772,756 Method and System for Vaporization of a Substance
  • 6,990,978 Method and System for Vaporization of a Substance


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