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Buy Vapir Rise vaporizer for $219.99

The Vapir Rise Vaporizer is the latest offering from vaporizer industry giants Vapir Inc of California USA. Vapir have earned themselves a place as one of the world’s leading vaporizer manufacturers over the past 15 years and hold a number of patents for their innovative processes and systems.

The Vapir Rise is a welcome release in a market that has become somewhat flooded with cheap oriental imports. It has been developed in close collaboration with user feedback to bring serious vapers exactly what they want. It is a high quality, multi functional vaporizer that can vaporize herbs, oils and waxes without the need to purchase additional accessories or adaptors.

As well as being adaptable to both dry, oily and waxy mixes, the Vapir Rise also offers dual functionality in that it can be used as a forced air vaporizer with balloons or as a straight forward, direct inhalation whip system. The whip system allows for up to four people to vape at the same time. Unlike some vaporizers that utilize low quality valve systems, the Vapir Rise has an advanced balloon bag fill system that makes the balloon filling process easy and almost seamless.

Temperature control with the Vapir Rise vaporizer comes via a high tech Touch Pad system that offers the user ultimate control over temperature setting in an intuitively easy to use way. Simple + and – buttons, along with a clearly visible digital display that provides accurate readings, make controlling the Vapir Rise a breeze.

The Vapir Rise is sturdily constructed from stainless steel. This ensures that the unit is not only robust, but that the vapor path remains clean and uncontaminated, delivering the purest and tastiest vapor. The Vapir also includes HEPA filters, again ensuring the purity of your vapor.

The Vapir Rise vaporizer is a high quality, table top vaporizer that will appeal to all those who take their vaping seriously. It offers excellent functionality and high quality construction, and all at sub $300, a price that compares very favorably with machines of a similar standard. The Vapir Rise vaporizer is a welcome addition to the top level vaporizers on the market and we wholeheartedly endorse it.

 Vapir Rise Vaporizer comes with:

  • 1pc Power Cord
  • 1pc Blend Chamber
  • 1pc Oil Chamber
  • 1pc Chamber Adapter
  • 1pc Balloon Adapter
  • 1pc Inhalation Adapter
  • 1pc Hot Chamber Grabber
  • 3pc Inflatable Balloons
  • 1pc Balloon Clamp
  • 2pc HEPA Air Filters
  • 2pc Large Mesh Screens
  • 2pc Small Mesh Screens
  • 1pc Silicone Tubing
  • 1pc X-Tip Clear Mouthpiece
  • 1pc User Guide
  • 1pc Quick-Start Guide

 Key features:

  • Inhalation method: Choice of direct inhalation via whip or forced air balloon system.
  • Portability: This is a corded table top vaporizer that is not intended to be portable.
  • Dimensions: 7” (at base) X 10” (17.8cm X 25.4cm).
  • Weight: 3lb (1.36kg)
  • Power: The Vapir Rise vaporizer is mains powered. Power cord supplied.
  • Heat Source: Ceramic heating chamber.
  • Temperature control: Temperature controlled by simple, effective and accurate digital touch pad system.
  • Heat up time: Less than 60 seconds.
  • Build: The Vapir Rise is made from quality stainless steel for style and durability.
  • Manufacturer: Manufactured by Vapir Inc. of California, USA.
  • Color options: No color options.
  • Warranty: 12 month warranty (extended warranty available on request)

 Vapir Rise Vaporizer Instructions

Full operating instructions are not yet available for the Vapir Rise vaporizer. This page will be updated when they become available to us.

 Vapir Rise Vaporizer Warranty:

  • The Vapir Rise Vaporizer comes with a 12 month warranty.
  • Extended warranty available for purchase.
  • Warranty is for normal use only.
  • Unit must be purchased from an authorized supplier.

 If you would like to find out more about the Vapir Rise or purchase it at the lowest price, please visit this site.

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  • Darko
    September 24, 2014 at 3:54 pm
    Ease of Use 8
    Time to Heat Up 8
    Vaporizer Quality8

    Everything you need
    Very elegant device and very efficient too. I saw it at my friend’s place and it looked so cool. You can use it both ways, with a balloon or directly or inhale directly. It’s very intuitive. Just press + or minus to adjust it (I believe you can manage that :p) Its very well constructe


  • Melissa
    September 24, 2014 at 3:56 pm
    Ease of Use 6
    Time to Heat Up 8
    Vaporizer Quality10

    If you can afford it, this vaporizer will become your best friend. Everything about it is just perfect! Experienced vapers will appreciate the efficiency of this multi-functional device. It’s beautiful because you don’t need additional parts if you want to vaporize oils. And you can use it both with balloon or if you like, you can inhale directly. Love it!


  • B.J. Romano
    February 18, 2015 at 5:35 am

    Purchased about two months ago from “phatManz Alley” in Clovis, Ca. Paid a whopping $285 and now the power cord insert (the two prongs that stick out) is acting faulty. Looks like one prong is pressed in more than the other so you hafta work real hard to get to power on then it’ll just turn off in the middle of vaping. Please let me know what can be done for this. Thanks B.J. Romano


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