The Vapor Genie vaporizer was one of the first and original vaporizers to hit the market, manufactured by the VaporGenie Company operating out of Blacksburg, Virginia.

In these days of massive, high tech digital vaporizers, does the original Vapor Genie vaporizer still have anything to offer? The answer is a resounding yes.

The Vapor Genie vaporizer heats up your weed by use of a normal butane lighter. By heating a patented ceramic filter, a mixture of hot and cold air currents is created which passes over your weed (or other aroma-therapeutic herbs) at a temperature of around 300-400 degrees F. This is enough to vaporize your weed, without combusting it with a naked flame. The result is a smooth vapour that doesn’t have the same soot and particle content as smoke.

The Vapor Genie vaporizer range now extends beyond the original pipe model and includes:

  • The Vapor Genie Classic – The original wooden bowled pipe with Vapor Genie technology
  • The Vapor Genie Hand Carved – Slightly smaller than the classic and very attractive in either maple, walnut or teak
  • The Vapor Genie Aluminum Pipe – Nice metallic finish and easy to clean with solvents
  • The Vapor Genie Aluminum Bat – As with the aluminium pipe but even smaller, the cheapest of the range
  • The Vapor Genie Glass Pipe – Clear and see-through, it’s great watching the vaporizing in action
  • The Vapor Genie Glass Bat – The lightest in weight of all the models, and also transparent as with the glass pipe
  • The Vapor Genie Stainless Steel Bat – Very solid construction and easy to clean with solvents
  • The Vapor Genie Stainless Steel Coil Bat – Can be completely disassembled for cleaning, and thermal insulation makes it difficult to overheat your weed

While it is fair to say that the Vapor Genie vaporizer has been outgunned in technology, with new, digital vaporizers being cleaner and better for your health, the original Vapor Genie vaporizer still retains an element of its stylish charm, and hey, it is still better for you than smoking a bong.

In addition to that, with a price tag of only $50 for the Classic (the range runs from $40 for the Aluminum Bat up to $100 for the Glass Pipe with fancy carry pouch), the The Vapor Genie Vaporizer is still a good product at an affordable price.

If you would like to find out more about the Vapor Genie vaporizer pipe or purchase it at the lowest price, please visit this site.

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