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Marijuana has always been a heavily under researched drug. One reason for that stems from the misguided belief that marijuana is a bad drug that can’t be used for a good cause. Another reason might be the fear stemming from Big Pharma that marijuana might undermine Big Pharma’s dominance over, well, sick people. Because of that, Big Pharma has even tried patenting marijuana but ultimately failed because you can’t really patent a product of nature. That obviously didn’t stop them from trying. Today, about 86% of Americans support the use of medical marijuana.

One country that has done so much in terms of medical marijuana research is Israel. You may remember when we wrote about Avidekel, the strain that has huge amounts of CBD and barely 1% of THC. That strain pretty much promises to provide some of the essential medicinal properties of medical marijuana to patients in need without getting them high as a kite. Israel has been pouring so much money into medical marijuana research that it will hopefully inspire the US to go the same route. For one, Colorado has just invested $8 million in their medical marijuana research. 

One of the most promising details about the efficiency of medical marijuana came from a recent research study that was conducted in Israel and confirms that vaporizing cannabis can reduce neuropathic pain by a whooping 45%. The research was conducted using a Syke inhaler, which is essentialy a vaporizer. The pain would be reduced within 20 minutes of the subjects’ inhalation. This effect would go on to last for about 90 minutes after which it would be necessary to inhale another toke. 

The best thing about this research is the fact that very little cannabis was vaporized and yet the effects were pretty awesome. The US government still has some ridiculous blockage imposed over medical marijuana research, despite the fact that Colorado has recently approved funding. However, that is Colorado, a place where recreational marijuana use is more than welcome. With that in mind, nobody is really going to stop medical marijuana research in Colorado of all places. However, other states, which have only legalized medical marijuana, will definitely suffer for it because rules and regulation regarding consumption are stilly on shaky ground. Hopefully, Israel will be the driving inspiration force behind US future efforts to conduct medical marijuana research properly.

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