We’ve all read about the battles of vaporizers against cigarettes, why one is healthier than the other, cheaper than the other, I could go on and on. Don’t get me wrong all this is very vital to a consumer but none reaches out to the inner most part of the consumer. The true reason we all consume goods is……Utility.Utility is a term used by economists to describe the measurement of “useful-ness” that a consumer obtains from any good. People are willing to consume the most expensive and unhealthy items as long as they derive some sort of satisfaction from them.We investigate why consumers derive more utility from using vaporizers than cigarettes or pipes.

The story lies in the numerous designs and sizes vaporizers come in

Forced-air vaporizers

These comprise of some of the most efficient and classy vaporizers. They are relatively new to the vaporizer market and are for those willing to part with a lot of cash for the true vaporizing experience. Vaporization occurs by convectional heating as optimally heated air is forced over the dry herbs by an in built fan. There is no heating of the herbs whatsoever and one does not have to directly inhale the vapor as the device comes with a control switch to vary production of the heated vapor. Bottom line, this device is top notch and only the classy will have one of these.

Whip-style vaporizers

This is another type of desktop vaporizer but a lot cheaper than the Forced-air vaporizers in contrast. Like you may figure in its name, it comes with a hands free whip through which the vapor is inhaled. The herbs are also heated by convection and inhaling allows for air to pass over the grinded heated herbs which allows for the consumer to inhale only the purest vapor. It is a great device for beginners as it heats up quickly and one can easily see how much pot they have used. Best device to use at your house party where there will be a lot of newbies.

Portable vaporizers

They type of vaporizer is one to use on the go, its biggest adaptation is portability as it is light and small enough to be carried in one’s jacket. This device in recent years has turned out to become a smoker and medical marijuana consumer’s best friend. It’s a healthier alternative to smoking and does not irritate those around you as it does not give off combustion smoke. Some of them have even been modified and can use car charges and rechargeable batteries for heating. You can truly use one of these….. Everywhere you go!

Pen Vaporizers

This is what comes to most people’s minds when you a vaporizer, they are very similar to e-cigarettes because their pen-like design affords the user the feeling of “smoking a joint or cigarette”. In these, the heating coil is screwed into a battery which heats the bud by combustion once a button is pressed. Though many manufacturers will claim them to produce similar results to desktop vaporizers, this is not entirely true since they heat by conduction and not convection. In simple terms they will heat your hubs to ashes. Bottom line, very easy to carry around and one has a wealth of options since they come in different colors and sizes. You can have one for every season or reason.

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