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crafty vaporizer

Crafty Vaporizer Review

From Storz & Bickel (the manufacturers of Volcano and Plenty vaporizers), comes the Crafty vaporizer. From the way it works, it’s clear to say that all the superior qualities of previous Storz & Bickel products are integrated into this small, ergonomically designed, portable vaporizer.    But what makes the Crafty vaporizer remarkable? Let’s explore what makes the Crafty such […]

Vaporisateur Mighty

Who Is The Vaporisateur Mighty For?

More and more people are getting into vaping. Of course, not all Vaporisateurs are designed for the same groups of people. Who is the Vaporisateur Mighty for? If you’re curious about who this Vaporisateur was designed for, you’ll find the answers that you’re looking for below.   It’s A Vaporisateur For People That Want Portability […]

Vaporisateur PAX 3 in France

Best Place To Buy The Vaporisateur PAX 3 in France

If you’ve decided that you’re going to buy the Vaporisateur PAX 3, you’ve made a smart choice. This is a highly-rated Vaporisateur that offers a wealth of features. With that said, there are quite a few things you’ll have to figure out before you can make your purchase. For example, you’ll have to decide where […]

Arizer Air 2 vs Arizer Argo

Portable Vaporizer Showdown: Arizer Air 2 vs Arizer Argo

Are you torn between the Arizer Air 2 and the Arizer Argo? If your answer is yes, we can’t blame you! These two portable vaporizers are both powerful and offer a lot of features that are very difficult to say “No” to. It is extremely difficult which one is the best. But no worries! Because […]

CFV Vaporizer

Boundless CFV Vaporizer Review – Bound To Be The Best?

Let’s be honest, it isn’t always easy to find the best convection vaporizer on the market. Whether it’s because you haven’t used a convection vaporizer before or you’re just not sure what you’re meant to be looking for, it can be confusing. In fact, you may have looked at a few and found that nothing […]

Arizer Solo 2 the Best Vaporizer

Is the Arizer Solo 2 the Best Arizer Vaporizer?

When you read about the great improvements that have been made on the original Arizer Vaporizer you won’t fail to see why. With its updated design, sleek outer case in either Carbon Black or Mystic Blue and longer lasting purer taste this is definitely a cut above its predecessor. Here’s the lowdown on this dry […]

Firefly 2 Dry Herb Vaporizer

Will the Firefly 2 Dry Herb Vaporizer Light Up Your World?

If you’re looking for the next step in vaping technology search no further; the Firefly 2 Vaporizer is here. This sleek, high-end little beauty – smaller and lighter than the original – can be used with a Bluetooth app on your phone for instant, anywhere vaping. Of course, just as with any high-quality product, the […]

Know About Bubblers

Everything You Need to Know About Bubblers

If you aren’t sure what the differences between water pipes, bubblers and bongs, you are not alone. Even many experienced smokers have allowed the details to slip their minds. But, if you need a refresher course or are considering entering the markets for a new smoking implements, the following article will provide an overview of […]

Yocan iShred Vaporizer Review

The Yocan iShred Vaporizer Review

Yocan ishred is one of the few dry herbal vaporizers that have an innovative inbuilt grinder and a stirring stick. It is a well set mobile dry herb vape pen from Yocan Technology, one of the leading vaporizer assemblers in the industry. The device comes with; a fitted grinder at the bottom, a stirring tool […]

G Pen Elite Vaporizer review

G Pen Elite Vaporizer Review

Description If you are looking for an execellent vaporizer currently on market, Grenco science is your way to go. They have made reliability to be their key selling point as seen with the production of GPen Elite vaporizer. This Pen offers its user’s reliability that cannot be matched in a growing market and it has […]