Analog Vaporizers

Hot Box Vaporizer Custom Print

Buy the Custom Print- Hot Box Vaporizer for $199.99 The Hot Box Vaporizer is a pretty stylish product. For one, it is quite specific and stands out from other vaporizers because of its custom prints. It really depends on your style and preference whether you want a vape that looks like a Rubik’s cube or […]


Vapexhale Cloud Evo Vaporizer

Buy Vapexhale Cloud Evo Vaporizer for $469.99 The Vapexhale Cloud Vaporizer is the result of 3 years of Research & Development by Vapexhale Inc. of Foster City, California. Vapexhale wanted to redesign the vaporizer from the ground up and based the Vapexhale around three central tenets; An All Glass Vapor Path: By using an all […]


LSV Life Saber Vaporizer

Buy the LSV – Lfe Saber Vaporizer for $179.99 After two years in development, our vape designing friends at 7th Floor LLC in Colorado who have finally unleashed what they describe as their first “social” herbal vaporizer.7th Floor LLC are known for the Da Buddah vaporizer and Silver Surfer vaporizer. One thing’s for sure; whether […]


Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer

Buy Arizer Solo Vaporizer for $209.99 Made by a Canadian firm Arizer Tech who also market the Extreme Q and V-Tower vaporizers. The Arizer Solo Vaporizer is a portable vaporizer that is packed with the latest vaporizer technology. It comes as a conveniently small unit (4.5″ height X 1.75″ diameter), slipping easily into the pocket […]


Vapor Genie Portable Vaporizer

Buy the Vapor Genie Vaporizer Pipe for $55 The Vapor Genie vaporizer was one of the first and original vaporizers to hit the market, manufactured by the VaporGenie Company operating out of Blacksburg, Virginia. In these days of massive, high tech digital vaporizers, does the original Vapor Genie vaporizer still have anything to offer? The […]


Kia Vaporizer Review

The Kia Vaporizer   The Kia Vaporizer is said to be hand made in the United States. It features an aluminum casing and uses medical grade materials.  The ceramic heating element is fully encapsulated. The glass chambers are colored and, according to the manufacturers, they are the largest glass-on-glass fittings on the market.  fully colored […]


Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

Buy the Magic Flight Launch Box for $119.99 The Magic Flight Launch Box, manufactured in the USA, it is a portable vaporizer and needs no cords or plugs.  Smaller than a bong, it doesn’t require water, and can even be used outdoors in windy conditions. The Magic Flight Box Vaporizer Features Uses batteries – not […]


Aire H2.2 Vaporizer

Buy the Herbal Aire H2.2 vaporizer for $199.99 The Aire H2.2 vaporizer is manufactured by a man called Bohdan Petyhyrycz who is located in Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada. Herbal Aire Ltd is owned by its parent company AIRIS Corp. Weirdly this is the same guy who invented those crazy 3D eye pictures back in the […]


Iolite Portable Vaporizer

Buy the Iolite portable vaporizer for $155.99 It is manufactured by Oglesby & Butler who have been creating gas powered tools since 1984 and are located in Carlow, Republic of Ireland. The iolite vaporizer is a small, hand held vaporizer of mainly plastic (zenite) construction with a stainless steel herb chamber. The iolite is regarded […]


Da Buddha Vaporizer

The Da Buddha weed vaporizer is manufactured by 7th Floor LLC, a high end manufacturer of vaporizers. They are mainly known for their impeccable alumina ceramic heaters, which have a sapphire like crystal structure. The temperature on this pot vaporizer can be adjusted with the utmost precision and the inhalation is direct, using a ground glass wand. It heats up in less than three minutes and has a longer lifespan than other marijuana vaporizers in the same price range. The vapor is truly thick and consistent with this one.