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Buy the Atmos A-Pen vaporizer for $49.95

The Atmos A Pen vaporizer is another pen style vaporizer from those nice people at Atmos LLC in Florida, USA. This one has been designed especially for use with herbal formulas, concentrated essential oils and waxy oils.

The A Pen features a quality ceramic nichrome heating element, a fast heat up time, a sizeable filling tank and a sturdy rechargeable Lithium Ion battery to give you a convenient and portable vaporizer that you can take anywhere with you.

A handy window into the filling tank allows you to monitor your essential oil levels and a fountain pen style pocket clip completes the design and allows you to carry the vaporizer in your pocket, just as if it were a real pen.

Safety is an important feature with portable vaporizers being carried in the pocket. The Atmos A Pen features a built in automatic safety setting that shuts off the unit after 9 seconds of continuous heat. There is also a unique battery locking mechanism which ensures that the A Pen remains off while in not in use. Unlocking is simply a case of rapidly pressing the power button 5 times. This deactivates the safety mechanism and activates the unit.

Atmos A Pen Vaporizer comes with:

  • 1 pc. Lithium Ion Battery
  • 1 pc. Filling Bottle
  • 1pc. Mouthpiece Cover
  • 1pc. Mouthpiece
  • 1pc. Wall Adapter
  • 1pc. Wired USB Charger
  • 1pc. User Manual
  • 1pc. Essential Oil Container

Key features:

  • Inhalation method: Direct inhalation via mouthpiece
  • Portability: Very portable, easily fits into any purse, pocket or bag.
  • Dimensions: 5 5/8” X ½” (14.4 cm X 1.3cm)
  • Power: Lithium Ion rechargeable battery.
  • Heat Source: Ceramic nichrome heating element.
  • Temperature control: No adjustable temperature control.
  • Heat up time: 10-15 seconds.
  • Build: Built from robust modern materials.
  • Color options: Unit is available in black.
  • Warranty: 12 month replacement.

The Atmos A Pen is one of a whole new generation of pen style vaporizers. With its handy viewing window and the versatility of being able to use a variety of blends, this is one of the better ones. Add to this the very accessible price tag and you may have just found what you were looking for.

Atmos A Pen Vaporizer Instructions:

  • Ensure the unit is fully charged before use.
  • Remove the mouthpiece and place your chosen mix in the filling chamber.
  • Replace the mouthpiece.
  • Press the power button for around 10-15 seconds.
  • Inhale with slow steady breaths.

Atmos A Pen Vaporizer Warranty:

  • The Atmos A Pen vaporizer comes with a 12 month warranty.
  • Warranty is for normal use only.
  • Unit must be purchased from an authorized supplier.

If you would like to find out mre about the Atmos A-Pen vaporizer or purchase it at the lowest price, please vist this site.



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  • Jester
    October 16, 2014 at 5:24 pm
    Ease of Use 6
    Time to Heat Up 4
    Vaporizer Quality6

    Ok, its not the best vape in the world, I just needed this one to carry around with me and I couldnt care less if I lost it or whatever. My tank doesnt leak by the way. I mean, sure, if you flip it on the side it does but guess what – dont flip it on the side then. I had no problems then. The biggest downside for me is the lack of temperature control but considering I paid very little for this product, it wasnt a deal breaker for me.


  • j
    October 16, 2014 at 5:25 pm
    Ease of Use 4
    Time to Heat Up 2
    Vaporizer Quality1.9

    Do not buy this pen
    First of all, the tank leaks like crazy. There’s no oil in the air intake tube. You can’t lay it on it’s side, otherwise it leaks. I feel like I can’t inhale any vapor. It’s a comfortable pen, don’t get me wrong. But i don’t know if it’s just a bad tank or what. All i knowis that it doesn’t hit like a 70 dollar vaporizer should. Do not buy it.


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