The V Tower vaporizer was released in 2008 and is manufactured by Canadian company Arizer, the same people who brought us the Extreme Q; so there’s a lot to live up to.

The first thing you will notice about the V Tower vaporizer is the similarity in appearance to its predecessor. It is a hands-free vertical-style vaporizer with a Center Punch ceramic heating element that uses a direct inhalation system.

The front of the V Tower vaporizer features a dual LCD temperature readout. This displays both the actual temperature and the desired temperature, giving the user an idea of how long to go before the desired temperature is reached.

The shape of the V Tower vaporizer makes for very efficient operation. By using vertical airflow the V Tower vaporizer creates a vertical stream of heat and any heat loss is kept to an absolute minimum. Efficiency doesn’t stop there either. The Cyclone Receptacle keeps your weed slightly elevated above the Center Punch ceramic heating element, allowing the air to flow through and around your mix, again creating greater efficiency.

The V Tower vaporizer also features a Swivel Action Ground Glass Connection which, when attached to the Cyclone Receptacle, can swivel in 360 degrees, bringing an element of flexibility that is unseen on other vaporizer units.

The V Tower vaporizer is a pretty fast worker too, heating up to operating temperature in around 4 minutes and cooling back down again in 2. There is a safety shut off feature that kicks in after a period of non-use and can be set by a timer for up to 4 hours.

The LCD readout and the ceramic heating element are backed up by a lifetime warranty for normal use. All other parts of the V Tower vaporizer are replaceable at a reasonable price.

The V Tower vaporizer is an amazing, high-end vaporizer and, with a price tag of under $200 is very good value for money. It is an Extreme Q without the balloon or bag functionality. Excellent quality and price.


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