The iVape Vaporizer has it’s own unique stylish flair with a different spin on a box unit. With an Aztec feel to the iVape Vaporizer, its comfortable change from the norm.

Dr Green’s, who manufacture this box-style vaporizer, suggest that the Ivape has something of an Aztec feel to it.  I have to say that I can’t really see the Aztec connection myself, unless they’re alluding to the fact that the rectangular box is narrower at the top than it is at the bottom.  Hand-crafted in natural wood and measuring 3.5” x 5” x 6”, the model I have for review is called the Iwedge and ‘wedge’ describes it far more accurately than Aztec. Sorry, Dr Green, stylish it isn’t.  However, some pundits suggest that this is the best selling vaporizer on the market, so I obviously don’t have my finger on the vapeing pulse.  Unless those naughty pundits aren’t being strictly honest and the truth is that this is the best selling box vaporizer on the market.  That I can believe.  At this size, it’s certainly portable, although not hands-free, and the outside remains cool so you can safely place it on a table top.

Although the Ivape is fairly new to the vapeing market, Dr Green’s company is already well known for its detoxing and pipe cleaning products so the company itself is not new to the market.  Perhaps the simplicity of this product is based on the company’s previous marketing experience.

Certainly, as with most things, simplicity means reliability.  After all there are no complex, state-of-the art components to go wrong.  As of 2006, the heating element is a simple metal one, which takes up to ten minutes to reach the required heat.  I have no idea about ceramic elements but, in my experience, metal ones last for years.  Perhaps that’s why Dr Green changed to metal in 2006.

When you get your Ivape Vaporizer it comes complete with a glass mouthpiece, a clear glass aromatherapy attachment and a twelve-month warranty on the heat source (that’ll be the metal strip then).  Spares are easily obtained because the Ivape uses standard glass whips.

Despite my misgivings about the looks of the Ivape, it could the ideal introduction to the world of vapeing.  Simple to use; all that’s required is to switch the vaporizer on and allow it to warm, load the whip with your chosen herbal blend, place the whip against the heat source and vape.

For simplicity and ease of use, this vaporizer has to get top marks and at around $140 it’s an ideal entry model for those who want to try vaporizing for the first time.

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