The Vapir One vaporizer comes with a digital temperature display and inflatable bag. The Vapir maintains it’s set temperature without the need to keep an eye on things. This model with a push-button can toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

For medicinal herbs, 350 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect. It uses a variable speed fan that runs in three speeds: slow, medium and fast. The fan speed control uses a three-way toggle switch. The unit heats up extremely fast; approximately 15-30 seconds to heat to 350 degrees Fahrenheit with the fan running at medium speed.

The unit does not come shipped with the balloon inflation kit so I ordered this separately when I ordered the Vapir One Vaporizer. I highly recommend the balloon kit. It works fantastic and the effects of various herbs are great! I have no complaints in this area. Matter of fact, I get better results from using the Vapir One vaporizer with a balloon than using a pipe or a water pipe.

The balloons fill up at full fan speed in approximately 30 seconds or so. They are also reusable. They are made of a highly durable mylar-like plastic and they are flavored mint to cover up the initial new plastic taste when you first use them.

Vapir Air One 5.0 Features:

  • Three Fan Speeds Allows for Specific Air Flow Control
  • Key/Lock Mechanism Allows For Authorized Usage Only
  • When Locked, Vaporizer Will Not Function w/o Unlocking It
  • Revolutionary Quartz Crystal Heating Element – Heats Up Faster!
  • With the Optional Inflation Kit, You Can Inflate Vapor Balloons in UNDER 2 MINUTES!!!
  • Digital Back Lit Display – Allows for Exact Vaporization Temperatures
  • Fully Featured in Both Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • 2 Empty Herb Disks
  • 1 Free Jaguar Sample Disk
  • Tube Attachment plus X-Tip
  • Users Manual
  • Small Plastic Tool
  • Inflation Kit Not Included


Vapir Air One 5.0 Vaporizer


Ease of Use


Time to Heat Up




Vaporizer Quality


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