Californian based company VaporBlunt designed the VaporBlunt vaporizer with only one thing in mind. To create a vaporizer that would appeal to the hardcore smokers out there.

Any heavy or former heavy smokers will instantly identify with the feeling. After years of toking on wonderfully thick and aromatic smoke, health concerns cause you to change your habits. Most of the vaporizers on the market are designed to be so smooth it’s sometimes confusing as to whether you are smoking or not. Well, those days are over.

The VaporBlunt vaporizer sets a new benchmark for ease of use. The unit heats up in less than a minute and comes laden with the following features:

  • Simple loading just fills the bowl from the end, no messing about.
  • Simple operation, there is only one button on the VaporBlunt vaporizer. You might spend some time looking for more, but there aren’t any. This is simplicity itself.
  • Turn knob supplied which automatically stirs the mix without having to mess around opening the unit. Why has nobody thought of this before?
  • Turn knob also works for removing the screen. One simple twist of the knob tool and the screen is out.
  • Turbo mode – Single button operation of the turbo mode which adds 10 degrees of heat in a flash.
  • Flavor tips are available in grape, mint, orange, and raspberry. Simply attach your flavor tip to the end to discover a whole new flavored smoking sensation.
  • The US-designed and assembled for guaranteed quality.
  • Full one year warranty that will replace your VaporBlunt vaporizer if there are any manufacturing defects or faults.
  • Lithium-ion battery comes with a 90-day guarantee.

The VaporBlunt vaporizer comes in an exciting range of colors with a good range of accessories available from the website. It is a good compact size, although slightly longer than some of the pictures lead you to believe, at about 10 inches.

For me, here’s the most exciting thing about the VaporBlunt vaporizer, and I know it might seem like a small thing, but it is the small things that matter; The VaporBlunt vaporizer feels like holding a blunt, or a fat spliff. It feels natural in the hand and also to pass around. Great for those of us who have been dragged kicking and screaming into the world of vaporizers.

VaporBlunt bill themselves as the #1 portable vaporizer, and on the strength of what I have seen so far, it is hard to disagree.

It is manufactured from high-grade materials that are made to last. Its one-button operation makes it simple to operate and its shape makes it ideal for spliff smoking converts. The VaporBLUNT combines the simplicity of use with innovative design to bring you “the future of portable vaporizers.” If you are somebody who likes to vape on the go then the VaporBLUNT vaporizer offers a portable and convenient solution in a compact and easy to use package.

 VaporBLUNT Vaporizer comes with:

  • 1 pc. VaporBLUNT Vaporizer
  • 1 pc. Wire cleaning brush
  • 1 pc. Bamboo cleaning sticks
  • 1 pc. Flavored mouthpiece
  • 1 pc. Replacement mouthpiece
  • 1 pc. VaporBLUNT vaporizer charger
  • 1 pc. VaporBLUNT Vaporizer instruction manual

Key features:

  • Inhalation method: Direct inhalation.
  • Portability: This is a portable unit that will fit easily into your pocket or purse.
  • Dimensions: 10” X 1.5” X 1.5” (25.4cm X 3.8cm X 3.8cm)
  • Power: Comes with a powerful Li-ion battery that has its own 90 day guarantee.
  • Heat source: Ceramic heating element and stainless steel filling chamber.
  • Temperature control: The VaporBLUNT has a preset temperature of 390F (199C). You can, if you want, add an extra 10 degrees of heat in an instant with one click of the Turbo button.
  • Heat up time: < 60 seconds.
  • Build High-quality food-safe materials.
  • Manufacturer: Made in the USA by VaporBLUNT company.
  • Color options: Available in red, black and silver.
  • Warranty: One year warranty against manufacturing defects.

 VaporBLUNT Vaporizer Instructions:

  • Grind herbs finely
  • For best results fill the bowl, but do not over-pack
  • Turn on the unit with a short press of the power button, a flashing green light will inform you that the chamber is heating up.
  • When the light is solid green, the operating temperature has been reached, wait 30 seconds for vaporization to take place, then inhale deeply.
  • For Super Boost Mode press the button once more. A flashing amber light will inform you that the chamber is heating up. When the amber light is solid, the Super Boost temperature has been reached. Again, allow 30 seconds for vaporization to occur before inhaling.
  • For best results use the Stir Knob frequently.
  • To power down, press and hold the button.

 VaporBLUNT Vaporizer Warranty:

  • The VaporBLUNT vaporizer comes with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Warranty is for normal use only and only valid if purchased from an authorized dealer.

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