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Vaporizers are everywhere. They are becoming a billion dollar industry in their own right. After all, they are the healthier alternative to smoking. When it comes to vaporizing tobacco one would say “half the pleasure, none of the guilt”. As far as vaporizing marijuana you get to reap all the benefits and literally none of the guilt, except for when you wake up the next morning still stoned because you still fail at making the proper dosage. But that is not what this article is about. There are still some safety concerns regarding vaporizers and governments on a federal, local and state level always affect the sales of these products.

Vaporizing Leads To Smoking?

Still, regardless of the fact that vaporizing is the healthier alternative to smoking, it is vital to emphasize that we simply haven’t been vaporizing long enough to study the consequences of that particular activity. Maybe it is harmful but we just don’t know it yet. And, of course, there are those who claim that vaporizing can actually lead to smoking as teen use of vaporizers is heavily on the rise. Obviously, most of them want to try smoking as well as that is considered hardcore in comparison to vaping. The FDA is preparing a new set of regulations that should be revealed in mid-2015 and will concern specifically e-cigarettes.


But the FDA is not the only agency fighting in this matter. The CDC will include e-cigarettes in its anti-smoking campaign as, in their opinion, vaporizing clearly promotes smoking (!?). Then again, those who vaporize strongly disagree and obviously believe the very opposite, otherwise they wouldn’t be vaporizing at all but would continue to smoke weed or tobacco on a regular basis. But as the public-corporate debate continues, vaporizer sales are skyrocketing, and the technological improvements are sometimes mind-boggling. Since marijuana and tobacco are billion dollar industries, to provide them with an alternative and healthier way to enjoy their products is basically a dream come true. It is a direct impact on the evolution of marijuana and tobacco consumption.

A Growing Industry

The latest information that we gathered on the vaporizing industry is that it is currently worth over $2.5 billion and it is not about to stop growing anytime soon. As long as the industry is flourishing everyone will flourish around it, especially online vaporizer retail stores that continue to supply the world with the latest achievements from the vaporizing industries. The range of vaporizers is truly insane. Basically, you can buy one for anywhere between $20 and $2000. The price range truly shows the development of the product because there are people out there who buy vaporizers for $2000 and we completely understand them. If you can afford it, who wouldn’t want the best the industry has to offer?

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