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We’re only writing about this now since we just heard about this spectacular promotion gimmick by no other than Haze Technologies whose products we wholeheartedly support. In a move that surprised everyone, it seems that all Oscar nominees received gift bags. That’s not the surprise though. It’s normal for them to be showered with gifts on a yearly basis. However, this year, one little present found its way into the gift bag and that was the Haze Vaporizer. Jason Azurmendi is the Marketing Manager for Haze Technologies and obviously the one responsible for this PR/marketing stunt.

A Bold Marketing Move

To be honest, it’s a pretty bold move that only shows how far the marijuana industry has come. Not only that but this advertising stunt also shows that businesses are not being run by stoners but by people who know exactly what they are doing. People who are nominated for Oscars are usually those who have tremendous influence on public opinion. It is sufficient for one of them to start spreading the word on Haze Technologies and the company will attain millions in PR value. That kind of publicity can’t be beat. Naturally, the stunt was reported through various media outlets and that gave Jason the opportunity to discuss the product in detail.

Haze Technologies At The Forefront

It’s one thing for Dr. Dre to spread his headphones all around the Olympics but this kind of stunt takes balls. And why would anyone be offended by this? Hasn’t it been proven time and time again that vaporizing is the much healthier alternative to smoking? Only because Haze Technologies thought of it first doesn’t give the right to their competitors to hate it. Well, it does but that’s what competition is for anyway.

The value of the gift bag is around $160,000. Yes, you read that right. The vaporizer is a drop in the bucket really as it is worth only $250. Still, a very slick marketing move and one that will certainly make a positive impact on the vaporizing industry, specifically Haze Technologies. With that in mind, a lot of states are promoting vaporizing as the healthier alternative not only to smoking tobacco but to smoking marijuana as well. There are still people out there who love to roll a joint every now but that’s just nostalgia talking. If you know what is good for you, you will switch to vaporizers immediately.

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