Vaporizing Alcohol Seems Like A Good Idea?



When you’re a college kid on the verge of enjoying alcohol, your mind gets creative and you, well, think of other ways to enjoy alcohol, to put it mildly. Maybe you could get drunk faster without actually ingesting any of the alcohol in the first place. Also, wouldn’t it be great if you could get drunk and not consume any of the calories that usually accompany alcohol intake? Hell, this could be “better” than taking shots. There are several methods of getting drunk on alcohol vapor. 

One of the methods that people like trying out lately is “the dry ice method”. This is achieved by pouring high-grade alcohol over dry ice and then inhaling the vapor that comes off of it. People have also been developing DIY vaporizing kits that vaporize alcohol through the use of bike pumps. As you can imagine, the possibilities of alcohol vaporization are endless. At some point, somebody decided to truly take advantage of the booming market and come up with the AWOL (Alcohol Without Liquid) device. Fortunately, it was banned rather quickly in the US. 

It’s interesting to see that this “trend” has been developing slowly but surely over the last ten years. For one, fat people love it. They always wanted to find a way that would allow them to get drunk without actually ingesting any of the calories. Alcohol vaporization seemed like a blessing in disguise. The thing about vaporizing alcohol is that it goes directly from your lungs into the bloodstream. 

Since it avoids any contact with the liver, it doesn’t get metabolized and thus – it doesn’t loose any potency whatsoever. That means that you not only get drunk quicker but stronger as well. The risks are much greater here since the risk of alcohol poisoning is quite high. Additionally, your lungs and nasal passages are getting the crap kicked out of them since you are inhaling something that used to be in liquid form.

However, if you feel the effects of your drink immediately and with no delay, wouldn’t it be easier to monitor how drunk you are actually getting? Usually, drinks have a 20-minute delay and by the time you drank your last shot/beer/wine you don’t even realize that you are completely wasted. Maybe drinks like Vaportini could work if consume responsibly? Is that even possible?

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