Vaporizing Marijuana: How Much Is Too Much?


Vaporizing Marijuana: How Much Is Too Much

Let’s be honest if you stumbled up on this page then you either smoke marijuana or you would like to start vaporizing marijuana. That’s fine. You’re welcome either way. But before we start let’s take a good look at vaporizing first. If you’re one of those people who would like to switch from smoking to vaporizing then you will find it pretty interesting that you will have to take good care of your dosage. What a lot of newbie connoisseurs don’t realize is that you have to be extremely careful with the dosage when filling up your vaporizer. Obviously, there’re plenty of strains out there that are extremely high in THC. Depending on your level, you have to be careful which strain will you be using. If that strain is Super Lemon Haze, then you better take it easy on your vaporizer. Do not overstuff it, do not overdo it, just lightly pack that chamber and vaporize at medium temperatures.

Dosage Is Essential

Dosage has always been an important issue with marijuana and what a lot of people are doing wrong these days is simply getting way too high even though they don’t really have to. A small bud of marijuana can go a long way so please keep that in mind the very next time overstuff your vaporizer. Now, we’re not saying that for your next toking session you should get a scale and carefully measure each and every particle of weed that you have in your little weed box. However it would be wise to decide upfront how much tokes can you get out of one gram. Another very important issue with vaporizing is that it obviously isn’t a joint you are inhaling. Some people argue that you vape through weed much faster than if you were smoking a joint. Other people also tend to mix their marijuana with tobacco so by that very nature their high will not be a strong and they will consume less weed than they should.

Research Studies

For a lot of scholars and scientists this has been a very important issue for some time now, which is why this is still a matter of research. How much weed should one truly use according to his condition, mental, psychological and physical abilities? There’s also the counter effect. A lot of media outlets have been talking about weather vaporizing leads to smoking, which is obviously a bit counterintuitive but recent research has shown that a lot of kids have switched to smoking instead of vaporizing because that makes them look cooler among their peers. The society is a weird animal, it’s no wonder these things happen but to blame it entirely on the vaporizing industry is a bit ludicrous. If anything, vaporizing seems like that straw of salvation each and every smoker secretly desired. Weather that will change in the future or not is entirely up to the Food & Drug Administration. We will keep you posted on future developments.

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