Vaporizing Marijuana Without Marijuana?



Somewhere down the line you had a relatively normal childhood and you probably remember the time when you could buy chocolate cigarettes at the kiosks and newsstands down the street. Don’t be surprised, that was always a dubious practice. However it did take a couple of years before people started complaining about this particular product. They were claiming that this was being intentionally done by tobacco companies for trying to grab the young consumers by the throat from the very beginning.


You’re probably wondering why are we telling you this. To be perfectly honest, it is mainly because in the Netherlands a Dutch company called E-njoint is now in the business of manufacturing an e-joint that basically uses a bunch of chemicals that are vaporized so you can pretend that your awesome vapor is marijuana without any of the harmful effects of it. Supposedly, E-joints don’t contain any THC or and you will find zero nicotine in it as well. We guess it is safe to say that is completely legal. However, some people keep claiming that this is e-joint does not get you high as regular joints. Still, the design of this device is very reminiscent to an actual joint.

The US Market

Currently in the US there is only one single store that sells these e-joints. We guess now would be the worst possible climates to introduce an e-joint to a wide American market because a recent study just suggested that e-cigarettes are even more harmful than regular cigarettes so the climates to introduce such a controversial device is not really appropriate. Still, that move would basically be a double-edged sword as it could go either way. Maybe the bad publicity will make people love it even more or maybe it will have quite the opposite effect. Time will tell. Societies that have been Open in criticizing e-cigarettes are the American Lung Association, the American Cancer Society and the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids. The FDA for now has a very firm stand on this issue but due to recent research on vaporizing anything, the FDA just might change its position and ban e-cigarettes altogether.

The Right To Vape

It is not entirely clear where science sends in this issue since only one study has been done so far and it’s probably going to take a couple of years before we know the true and precise facts of vaporizing anything let alone a cigarette or an actual joint smothered in cannabis. Some people call this hypocritical and in the end, if people want to vaporize anything they should be allowed to do so as a matter of personal preference. The very fact that the government has any influence on this matter is laughable. We will continue to cover vaporizing use across the globe and you shall remain frequently updated.

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