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The advantages are obvious, right? However, how come people still prefer smoking to vaporizing? Well, there seems to be a certain sense of ritual to smoking. You grind the herbs, you place the on the side, you pull out some rolling paper, fold it, place the grinded herbs in it, put a hollow filter on the end of the joint and smoke away. The entire process is so old school it really gives people an experience that cannot be replaced with vaporizing, which on the other hand seems almost mechanical when compared to smoking. You open this plastic or metal device and you fill it up with your blends, then you stir it up every once in a while and your buds don’t even last half as long as when you roll up a joint. 

On the economic side, sure, smoking is more cost efficient than vaporizing. However, health wise, vaporizing can’t be beat. When you smoke marijuana, you are definitely damaging your lungs; that is a well-researched fact. Everybody who smokes doesn’t really filter marijuana, which would kill the buzz. Sure, people place carton filters at the end of joints but that hardly constitutes a filter. Marijuana remains a very under-researched drug and the amount of carcinogens it contains is still not well known. However, there is no doubt that it indeed does damage to lungs. Not to mention the fact that marijuana is often mixed with tobacco and that only makes things worse. 

Vaporizing on the other hand is much less harmful and eliminates practically all carcinogens contained in cannabis. This is due to the conduction and convection heating that vaporizing employs. When you vaporize your herbs, there is no smoke involved and the vapor is nowhere near as harsh on your lungs. Vaporizing is also mostly recommended if you consume marijuana for medical purposes, which is pretty obvious. Also, if you are a regular consumer of marijuana, switching to vaporizing as soon as possible would probably be a good idea. 

New York is one of those states that recognize the effectiveness of vaporization over smoking. Even though medical marijuana was recently legalized in New York, smoking it isn’t allowed. Naturally, nobody is going to look over your shoulder to see whether you’re rolling a joint but if you’re walking outside and have a medical marijuana license, it would be best to use a vaporizer. By making joints and bongs illegal, New York is sending a message out to all other states and the message is clear – vaporizing is the way to go.

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