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Buy FlowerMate Vapormax V5 Vaporizer $78.99

The Vapormax V Vaporizer was built after carefully exploring the vaporizing market, gathering insights from customers and doing a survey on the satisfaction of Smiss products, the company that built this particular vaporizer. They’ve been in the business for so long they know exactly what they’re doing. The vaporizer looks like a combination of a cellphone and a baby monitor and, as its name suggest, it is fifth in the long line of Vapormax products. The best part about this product is that it is tremendously easy to clean, provides you with high quality vapor and maintenance is not a hassle. On top of that, the battery life is immense so you can relax, vape and forget all about it.

With the Vapormax V Vaporizer, vaporizing herbs has never been more efficient. This is the real deal. First of all, you don’t need a shitload of add-ons to get this baby to work like a charm. You simply turn it on and vape your brains out. It doesn’t come at a monstrous price and is so easy to maintain, you are not going to be disappointed. Oh, and you don’t have to hold down the god damn power button for days on end in order to get the most out of your herbs. It really takes the hassle out of the equation.

After you’re done using your blend, simply throw it out and fill that baby again and again. Cleaning it is simple, just use a Q-Tip and remove the unwanted debris from the chamber but again, you should do this rarely as it doesn’t get clogged that easily. If you want to get down to specifics, keep in mind that you can vape for up to 3 hours on a single charge.

Visually, the product is more than appealing, it is very stealthy and it’s easy to mistake it for a toy, rather than a high grade vaporizer. The quality of the vapor is exceptional as its dense and flavorful, just the way it should be. But hey, lets not get ahead of ourselves. This vaporizer obviously comes with a load of perks, but it also has its downsides.

For instance, a clear flaw is that it lacks temperature regulation and that can be essential when controlling the thickness of your vapor. But seriously, that’s about it. This vaporizer is intended for the general public, yet it is perfectly fine for the newbie vaporizer enthusiast and for a vaporizing connoisseur. No matter what level your vaporizing has reached, you probably wont go wrong with this device.

Vapormax V Vaporizer comes with: 

  • 2 pc. Built In 2600 mAh Li-Ion Batteries
  • 1 pc. Sillicone Mouthpiece
  • 1 pc. Charger with Adapter
  • 1 pc. Cleaning Brush
  • 1 pc. Packing Tool
  • 1 pc. Manual
  • 1 pc. Gift Box

 Key features:

  • Inhalation method: Direct inhalation.
  • Portability:Vapormax V Vaporizer is a portable model.
  • Dimensions:60 x 22 x 106mm
  • Power:0 – 8.4V
  • Heat Source: 
  • Temperature control:
  • Heat up time: 
  • Build: high quality materials.
  • Manufacturer:Designed, built and made by Smiss, China.
  • Color options:
  • Warranty: one year warranty. Battery comes with 90 day warranty.

 Vapormax V Vaporizer Instructions:

  • Turn ON the device.
  • Fill the chamber with the herbs.
  • Wait for a one whole minute.
  • Believe it or not – that’s it!

Vapormax V Vaporizer Warranty:

  • The Vapormax V Vaporizer comes with a one-year warranty.
  • The battery comes with a separate 90-day warranty.
  • Warranty is for normal use only.
  • Unit must be purchased from an authorized supplier.

If you would like to find out more about the Vapormax V Vaporizer or purchase it at the lowest price, please visit this site.


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