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We can all agree that vaporizing has become a big deal, not only in certain places but also pretty much all over the world. Being a healthier alternative to smoking is a pretty strong selling point because nobody really wants to kick the habit but most of us would like to continue to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without any health hazards. However, when it comes to vaporizing in public, we’re dealing with a pretty grey area. Obviously, when you walk into a club, you are not allowed to smoke anything. But, in states that have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, this presents a problem that needs to be regulated. After all, Washington is one of the first states that have successfully implemented recreational marijuana regulations and vaporizing shouldn’t be a big deal, right? 

According to Initiative 502, in Washington, you are not really allowed to either smoke or vaporize in public. So that presents a certain conundrum because all you can do, legally, is to stay inside the house and vape all you want. However, for a state that legalized recreational use of marijuana, restricting smoking and vaping has always seemed a bit weird. For a while, there was talk that certain vape-free zones would have to be established all over Washington but that idea didn’t go far. You also have to keep in mind that Washington has become USA’s very own Amsterdam and that is bound to attract a lot of tourists who, again, can only smoke and vaporizer in the privacy of their own home. 

For that reason, Peter Holmes, Seattle’s City Attorney has drafted a 20-page memo urging Washington to establish so called Vape Lounges where people would be able to enjoy the quality of their own cannabis vapor. Of course, you would be allowed to enter only if you are under 21 years of age and you would need to bring your own marijuana. In an ideal world, it would be great if you could just enter a recreational marijuana shop, buy your bud and go up to the second floor where a Vape Lounge would be located. To be perfectly honest, a lot of people still cringe when they smell marijuana on the streets so this would be basically like killing two birds with one stone. It is an ambitious plan but one that totally makes sense in the long run.

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