The Associated Press has declared that Arizonans voted to legalize recreational use of cannabis on their November 3rd ballots for Prop 207. The drug has been classified as a dangerous substance and deemed illegal if possessed or sold for decades throughout the United States. But that’s all changing slowly.

The District of Columbia and (29) states have now changed their legislation to allow use in a medicinal capacity, with (8) states having no restrictions on the drug within their specific location. Arizona is now among them. See this for the status of Arizona state cannabis law.

It’s a controversial decision and one with which not everyone is on board. But since cannabis was assigned its “stigma” after an exceptionally long history of being used successfully for therapeutic purposes, that stigma has been difficult to shake.

Pros And Cons Of Cannabis Legalization In The State Of Arizona

Citizens of Arizona might initially find it challenging to take advantage of their new privileges. That’s until legislation, the legal system, and law enforcement get their ducks in a row with the bureaucratic red tape so that people aren’t hassled by officers.

Fortunately, a simple call to a knowledgeable attorney like will clear up any legal issues. But once things are running smoothly, legalization should actually work in Arizona’s favor as far as the crime rate. The police force will be able to concentrate their time, effort, and funding on more violent offenses decreasing these instances for the state. Other benefits might be felt from the decision, such as:

  • Revenue: Throughout the United States, increasing state revenue is difficult but doing so without raising individual taxes is an exceptional challenge. In choosing to legalize cannabis, a solution was created.

In one state alone, reports suggest a collection of nearly $1 billion for legal recreational/medicinal marijuana sales or products closely related, with taxes collected from those sales ranging in the hundreds of millions.

  • Medical Care: Patients throughout the country are finding benefits from the purported therapeutic properties of the drug. The substance boasts the capacity for aiding with a number of symptoms for various conditions such as epilepsy, Crohn’s, and multiple sclerosis.

Cannabis is also helpful with side effects such as nausea and vomiting brought on by cancer treatments like chemotherapy as well as the pain associated with the disease.

  • Employment: For the states that have legalized marijuana in any capacity, jobs are being created – a definite pro for those suffering from tough societal times due to pandemic-related unemployment rates.

The industry has been shown stronger in the economic spectrum than a large majority of industries in many states where it has been granted legal status. All total, in one year, the industry was responsible for 18,000 new jobs.

  • Law Enforcement: Simple possession charges are not only an excessive expense to the “criminal justice system,” but they take valuable time and effort from the force that could be better spent following leads for violent offenses.

In legalizing the drug, the police departments in these various states are allotted those extra funds and provided that extra time when they would normally be chasing after these illegal substances for use in the tougher cases. This allows a better handle on crime rates and the potential for decreases in criminal activity in each state.

  • Legal But With Rules: Cannabis might be considered as legal, but each state has rules that apply to its use and where you can consume the products. For instance, public use is generally not allowed. If you’re caught with the drug in this environment, you’ll be in violation and given a civil citation. This will likely lead to fines.

You don’t want to take advantage of a good thing, A substance known to alter consciousness should be consumed in the privacy (and safety) of your home. It’s not something you should be operating a vehicle while using or any type of machinery. It’s no different from consuming alcohol – also a legal substance but also an offense when used inappropriately.

  • Transporting Over State Lines: In states where cannabis has not reached a legal status, there is significant unrest. Instances are happening where drugs are being purchased in legalized states and transported into those states where it’s not permitted.

In states where the products are disallowed, police are overwhelmed with arrests and impending court cases, creating havoc relating to other criminal activity. These cases are rampant because people know they can make a substantial amount of money on the black market in states where the drug is illegal.

Arizonans have many things to take into consideration before they begin taking advantage of their new position with these substances. The products might be legal, but there are still many rules and regulations that go along with that permission that each person is responsible for familiarizing themselves with in order to be compliant.

Final Thought

In a sense, as a responsible user, people need to consider cannabis in the capacity of alcohol. You would not drive a car, operate heavy machinery, or indulge while in public under the influence of either substance. These things will result in you receiving a citation.

If you choose to consume the drug of your own free will in the privacy of your home but then attend work the next day only to be chosen for a random drug test, you will likely lose your job.

The same can be said for alcohol because some companies are beginning to engage in alcohol testing. Substances that alter the thought process hinder not only your performance but put those around you in danger as well.

You might believe when you wake up in the morning from an evening of use that you are free and clear from the effects, but that is not always the case – is generally not the case. It’s vital to educate before you choose to indulge.

Many people feel somehow “liberated” by the legalization of cannabis, but these same people need to consider all the necessary factors, be informed, and above all else have responsibility.

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