Which Marijuana Vaporizer Should You Choose?


There are two types of vaporizers – portable and desktop. Additionally, you can still find those large, often expensive Volcano-style vaporizers, although they don’t work that well with concentrates, but you can still use them with herbs. Because of their convenience, most of people often choose portable units, also known as “vape pens.”

Vaporizers are not what they used to be

Vaporizers have changed – a lot. They used to be big. Back in the old days they had a special place on tables across Amsterdam’s coffee shops. Not anymore. Now that THC, the main reason why most people consume marijuana, became widely available in concentrated form, vaporizers have changed accordingly. Vaporizer pens have come on to the scene and are pretty much the go-to vaporizer for any type of concentrate. But that doesn’t mean the classic dry herb vapor technology hasn’t improved as well. Instead of a big, whip-style vaporizer, you can now get a premium dry herb vaporizer for the same price, and it’s small enough to fit in your pocket and carry it around wherever you go. In our opinion, you have to think of your lifestyle first – where are you spending most of your days? Depending on the answer you will know whether to get the portable vape or a desktop one. If you’re not on a budget, you can go wild and buy as many as you like.

You’re at home all the time

Whether it’s because you work from home, or you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad, or just simply unemployed and browsing through job ads, the fact remains that you spend a lot of time at home. You are lucky because you can actually get a quality desktop vaporizer for a lower price than you can get the same quality portable vaporizer. Desktop vaporizers. The name makes you think about old computer towers but they are far from that. Certainly too big and too complex to use on the go, but most do come with quality carrying cases, so you’ll be able to transport them to your neighbor’s house easily. If you insist. Desktop vaporizers vary in price greatly and can cost anywhere from $100 to $1000. Whichever you choose, don’t forget that price isn’t always a guarantor of quality.

You’re out and about all the time

Without having to go into the reasons why you want to be outside all the time, if this is your situation than you need something that is portable and more important – discreet. Portable vaporizers are the most popular form of vaporizer at the moment. They are small, compact, and as the technology advances, more powerful than ever. Unfortunately, all of the high quality vaporizers are going to be pricy. If you go under $200, you will probably end up with something that lacks in either vapor quality or production quality. Although regulations for the vaping industry are on their way, the free market now offers a wide selection of products so go out there and do your research.

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