Why is vaporization so much healthier than smoking


Why is vaporization so much healthier than smoking.

Perhaps the first place to start when thinking about this subject is to remember the reason why people smoke in the first place: whatever their substance of choice, people burn it and inhale the smoke in order to get to the essential oils and other essences  contained in the plant.  As an example, tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 substances.

People have smoked various plants and herbs over the centuries, including herbs, tobacco, and weed.  The sad fact is though that, although the constituents of the plant are made available by the burning and inhaling process, the process of combustion (burning) creates other substances.  As an example, tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 substances, 40 of which are known to be cancer-causing (carcinogens).  So, if 10% of tobacco smoke is positively toxic to your health, you can’t help but ask if getting at those life-enhancing/healing substances is worth the risk.  Especially as the combustion process also destroys much of the very substance you’re aiming to inhale – up to 50% of marijuana is destroyed when smoking a joint according to some reports.  And what about that aroma that fills the room when you smoke – that aroma is the perfume of all those essential elements just being let loose on the air. Learn Sativa Cannabis College Online could be a star point for you if you are looking to improve your knowledge about marijuana.

Enter vaporization.  Vaporizing your herb, whatever that might be, releases those essential elements but doesn’t create the harmful by-products of burning; neither does it release fragrant, THC laden smoke to the air.

The upshot of this non-release of smoke is that you get as much weed-high from far less marijuana from your vaporizer than you would from smoking a joint; so while you are conserving your health you are also saving money. Courses like Learn Sativa Cannabis College Online teach you how to choose the best marijuana according with your needs.

 As a rule of thumb you can expect to use half the amount of weed in a vaporizer compared to in a joint to get the same high.  Actually, some say the high is even better…

The initial outlay on a vaporizer may make you cringe but think again – better health, better finances, better high.  What choice is there to make?

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