Would You Inhale Your Caffeine With Vaporizer?


Would You Inhale Your Caffeine With Vaporizer

Come on; don’t tell us you’re still getting your morning caffeine buzz from a cup of coffee? That’s so two-thousand-and-late. Hip folks use vaporizers for that! Meet the 21st century’s energizers – they come as vaporizers. Of course, for those of you who drink coffee not just because of its fuel-like quality but also because you adore its taste, the mere fact that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the taste while getting your buzz would be a deal breaker. But for everyone else (and there are people who hate the taste of coffee) having a hit of vapor in the morning that does nothing else but energize you, might be the best thing that ever happened. A Canadian company came up with a unique idea that might change the way people perceive vaporizers.

It looks like an e-cigarette, but…

The Eagle Energy Vapor looks like an e-cigarette, however, its key ingredients are far from nicotine – packed inside each of the vaporizers is caffeine that comes from guarana extract, taurine and ginseng; all ready to provide a short-term energy boost that restores alertness when you need it. It may sound like that thing you pay extra for in your smoothie, but it can deliver you with just the right amount of the caffeine you need to start your day. “As new technologies evolved, we saw the opportunity to create a product with a functional benefit that would revolutionize the energy category,” co-founder Elliot Mashford said in a press release. “We want to change the way people see vapor products.” Mashford and his partner Karson Hutchinson said they came up with the idea almost a year ago, and started selling their brainchild online this spring. They believe that the taste and smell of an energy drink confined inside a vaporizer would attract the younger audience – those between 18 – 24 years old. Depending on one’s sensitivity to caffeine, one would be able to draw 500 puffs in total from each of these energy sticks, with an average use of 10 to 20 puffs.

How does it work and who would use this?

Guys from the Eagle Energy Vapor swear that when you inhale their Eagle energy, all you get are wings to fly high – you don’t take in the calories and sugar that you get when you stuff your face with a cronut and thus cause the energy peak and inevitable crash pretty soon after it. Similar to marijuana vaporizers, minus marijuana, there is a battery inside Eagle Energy Vaporizers, and a cartridge containing a proprietary blend of caffeine, taurine and ginseng. Sensors detect when you start drawing and heaters vaporize the all-natural blend. Each vaporizer contains 0.03% caffeine content per mL, this is within Health Canada and FDA regulations. It is also the content by volume as the leading energy drink. There’s absolutely no nicotine inside these vaporizers, and you can get them for the price of $74.99 for a box of 10, or $8.99 per stick. They’re available online, or at Rona, Gateway Newstands or tobacconist chain Shefield & Sons.

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